A collection of Memories and Reminisces from Rhodesians of all races.

I have enclosed a photograph that you may be interested in putting on your website. It is of the 1st rugby team Chaplin Boys High 1937. Ian Smith is the captain and 8th man (holding the ball). My Dad – George Diamondis – is on the top right (he played on the wing).


It would be interesting to find out who the other team members were.


Love your website.


Jooks Diamondis


During the war I was having a couple of days leave at Wankie game park, and in those days the main lodge had a huge elephant head on the wall, in the bar.

Well, I had had a couple of cold ones, when a tourist came in, quite an unusual event, and introduced herself. It was an Irish girl, on tour. She was obviously smitten by the rugged soldier in his camo, or perhaps she liked the weapon I carried, but we did get on well, and had a couple of drinks. We were talking about the elephant trails, and the fact that when Kariba was flooded, the elephants continued to follow their old trails, albeit they were under water now. You will probably have seen elephants swimming across Kariba? I know I did.

Well, back to the stuffed elephants head on the wall. I convinced this Irish lass that the elephant had been following his old, traditional, trail, only to find the new Wankie safari lodge built across it. So he did what any self- respecting tusker would do, and charged the newcomer. He came off 2nd-best. I told the tourist that, rather than remove the corpse, they had had it stuffed in situ, and that the head was on the inside of the bar, while the rest of the preserved body was on the outside. Unbelievable, perhaps, but she did go to check my story. She ended up marrying one of the game rangers!

Kind regards,

Douglas M Hendry, South Oxfordshire, UK