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Rudyard Kipling on the death of
Cecil John Rhodes, 1902.








On Sunday we attended a memorial service for Ian Smith, organised by the Rhodesian Association of Perth. It was a beautiful service attended by about 1000 people in Kings Park. Rev Alan Perrie was the MC and three people made speeches about Mr Smith's early life, middle years and end times. Barry Court (brother of Charles and son of Sir Charles and wife of Margaret!) made a speech on behalf of Western Australians. A fly past was organised with the missing pilot formation (3 planes instead of 4) which was really awesome but to crown it all after that a plane came over flying a message. The crowd was very appreciative and we clapped as we watched the plane go past. It was a memorable occasion and an honour to pay our respects to a great man








with smithy

To Janet and the whole Smith family, our deepest sympathies on the loss of Ian.  The passing of a great man who left his mark on history and all of us who called Rhodesia home.   David & Lynne Cushworth.

The sad news has just filtered through and our sincere condolences go out to the family.Ian Douglas Smith - in our past but always remembered. Sylvia Derrett & Family now living in the U.K.

Mr Ian Smith with remain in our memories and hearts, he was a man of true integrity a rare jewel in this world. Our condolences from Penny and Alfie Klopper (ex Mashaba)

End of an Era .. such sad news ..  Carol Mommsen (nee Knocker)

TO ALL THE FAMILIES AND FRIENDS OF IAN SMITH – I am very sorry to hear about the loss of your loved one, he was a GentleMan for all – and it a sad day. He carried us all through thick and thin days while living in Rhodesia and then in Zimbabwe for those who stayed on. With kind regards and you are in my thoughts and prayers Elise Evans

Ian Smith was a great person. His contribution towards a developed Southern
Rhodesia can not be questioned. He made the small beautiful country self
sufficient in most of the sectors within years. He managed infrastructure,
Industry, education, agriculture and above all the 'IMAGE" of Rhodesia.  May God bless his soul. Hamid Janjua

My Mother (Lynda Filer) was Ian Smith's secretary immediately before & after he left Parliament, and assisted with his memoires, amongst other things. Rob Filer

Yes, sad news. He did so much for us all and our country. Beverly Colam

Firstly my deepest and heart felt condolences to the passing on of the great man I. D. Smith.  There are a lot of mixed feelings here amongst the people. But a few of the closets would have  prefared him died here. And they are saying he was always right about Mugabe. Because Mugabe betrayed him, he never leaved to his word. He will be sadly missed.  Tavatya Zhuwao

In Memorium of “Ian Douglas Smith”
A Man of Dignity and Strength.

To some you were just a man
But to us “Rhodies”,
You were our strength.
The world was against you
But you fought the good fight
To defend your people and land
that you loved so dear.
We entrusted you with our lives
And we did it for all.
Because you were right.
But the time had come to hand it over.
We won the battles but lost the war
But Look at it now it`s taken a fall.

When the time had come you
handed over the land
With a heavy heart, but with dignity.
In order for our blood to stop being shed
You did what you did.
We stood by you then
We stand by you Now.
In honour of a truly great man
Who did his best.
Adios and may you join
The soldiers who laid down their lives
Fighting for a cause
Fighting to save our land
And for one a soldier through and through
Ian Smith Our Prime Minister
Who lived and Died,
May the Fallen Soldiers all stand now next to you.
Welcoming you home.

Charles and Dianne Billett
Proudly Rhodesian

A great man who did so much good for our be,oved country. Depest sympathy to all the family. He will be remembered forever.  D Ruetsche (ex Byo)

Our sincere condolences to a man that will never be forgotten by the 'Friend' family - may you rest in peace Ian. Thanks for being the wonderful person you were during your 'reign' as Prime Minister of Rhodesia. Peace be with you. Henry & Marianne Friend.

I,m very sorry for the death of Mr Ian D Smith I know him personal as my boss I was working in the Army RAR please may you send my condolences to the Smith famly ones again dave thanks yours Isaac Gumbo

As the works of his life attest, Ian Douglas Smith was a brave and honourable man. His passing truly marks the end of an era. Deepest condolences.Evan Davies, Virginia, USA

A great man has died.All lovers of Western civilisation are poorer for Ian Smith’s passing.His many many achievements and his outlook were probably best summed up by the late Bill Deedes “…a fighter”. Dr Greg Spencer (U.K.)

As a teenager in England in the 1970s, I always openly admired and supported Ian Smith and the Rhodesian stand against barbarism and athiestic communism. Although there was continual missinformation and propaganda against Ian Smith and Rhodesia, his integrity and greatness of spirit shone out of him, he symbolised all that is best in men. He showed a tough, steely and uncompromising determination, to defend our decent christian civilisation, against the chaos and terror of Nkomo, Mugabe and their fellow murderers. I have recently been fortunate enough to marry a Wonderful Rhodesian Lady, who's mother Jean worked closely with the prime ministers department and knew Ian Smith personally. We would both like to extend our deepest sympathy and regret at the passing of this very great and very good man, may God Bless and Keep Him Always.  Paul and Susan Williams (nee Gibson)

Ian Smith,a man amongst men,with the strength and love of a true Rhodesian for his country and it's people.Now he can at last rest in peace. Sincere condolences to all the members of his family. Clive, Emily and Mark Morton.

Ian Smith was an inspiration to many many people - may he long be remembered in the hearts of Rhodesians. Mandy Watkins (nee Brenchley nee Insch)

We had some very memorable times during the Rhodesian era which will be forever in our hearts. Sincere and heartfelt sympathies to all the family. Patrick & Linda Kelly (Perth, Australia)

To the family of my Prime Minister:
May God be with you through this time of sorrow,
Mr. Smith was a father to all of us Rhodesians.
I loved and respected him and still do!
He was and always will be my mentor and pillar of strength.
We will Always remember Him.
Richard Quinn

A true gentleman, our deepest sympathy to Jean, Robert and families. Irene and Geoff Gibbon

To family and friends of Ian Douglas Smith. It was indeed extraordinary times we lived in during the Rhodesian Era. It was an honour to serve during these times. My deepest sympathy to family and friends of the Smith family. God Bless. Ian P. Campbell (Bulawayo)

To his family and friends, our deepest condolences. ‘Great man’ is the thread running through many of these tributes – he was a great man indeed. A man of integrity, a quality forgotten in todays world. His worst fears are now a reality and the world still looks on with a ‘deafening silence’, but his dreams will be realised eventually. God Bless. Keith & Christine Heesom & family, UK.

As it is with many men of vision; they are scorned in the short run but vindicated by the events of history. Nichols Jeff

The Portugueses friends ex Rhodesian residents in the town of Bulawayo wants to express the sentiment of the lost of a greate Man Ian Dougas Smith to all the family our sincere filing, the World has lost a man that was a exemple to follow in our harts he will allways be rest in peace you have passe a way, but not death, you will allways be remembered.Manuel Oliveira da Silva.(Vilarinho)

Our sincere condolences to the family of a great man. How proud we were that day, now so long ago, when we went home from work at lunch time and heard the announcement of UDI. In fact, so proud were my wife and I as a young newly wed couple that we named our first child born the following year, a daughter, Udi-ann. So many cherished memories of our years in that wonderful country called Rhodesia, no more today, but forever living on in our hearts. Our thanks to Ian and those who stood with him you for their courage and commitment. Brian and Ann (nee Potterton) Johnson (ex Ft Vic)

I grew up in a family of loyal supporters of Ian Smith. We were all very saddened to hear of his death and have lasting memories of his courageous and principled leadership of our beautiful and once prosperous country. Joe Wallis and surviving family. Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

It was with great sadness that we learned of the passing of our hero, Ian Smith . We would like to send our very sincere and heartfelt condolences to all his family. Our thoughts and prayers are with them all . Ian Smith was a true gentleman - a man we will never forget and have much to thank him for. He will always have a very special place in our hearts. He did so much for his beloved country and people at his own cost. Personally, we have many wonderful memories of this truly great man and are greatly honoured to have known him. He is at peace now - deservedly - and will be reunited with his beloved Janet. God has picked another very special rose for his garden. Once again, our very sincere sympathies. R.I.P. Isla and Duncan Parkes

Sad to hear of the death of Ian Smith. He will remain in our memories. Our Condolences.Ian and Vicki Wheeler

Our prayers are with you in the loss of a great man. Ian Smith will be remembered for his courage, his conviction,his bravery, and his commitment to liberty. May God bless his family and may God vindicate his legacy. Rev. Dr. John H. Killian
Maytown, Alabama, USA

Dear Jean,

It was with great sadness that I learned of your father's passing. I had hoped that one day I could meet him but I'm thankful for at least having had the opportunity to speak with him (and you) this summer. He was a man "of whom the world was not worthy".Heb.11:38. We are upholding you before the Throne of Grace, praying that the Comforter will sustain you with His mercy and love.

As for man, his days are as grass. As a flower of the field, so he flourisheth, for the wind passeth over it and it is gone and the place therof shall know it no more, but the mercy of the Lord is from everlasting to everlasting upon them that fear Him and His righteousness unto children's children.
Psalm 103:15-17

In the bonds of Christ,
Harry & Kathy Sandlin
Laurens, South Carolina USA

To many of us, Ian Smith was a man of great integrity and honesty doing what he genuinely believed was in the best interests of all Rhodesians, I am very proud of having had the privilege to have worked both for and with him for a number of years. My sincere condolences and sympathy to all the family. Stewart Michael

"True Rhodesians never Die....." Great man, great country, my one and only home. Both made me who I am today. Forever in my heart and soul. My deepest sympathies to his family and friends.Carol Skelton

To all his family and friends my heart felt condolences. Rhodesians, pass on the values we learnt. Keep them alive in tribute to this great hero. May God bless you all. Arthur Maia

Our deepest sympathies to the Smith family -- and to all Rhodesians.Brian & Maureen Hayes

So very sad to hear of Mr Ian Smiths passing, he was a true Rhodesian hero and he will now meet his soldiers who fought so for our freedom all those years ago.  I was but a child when Rhodesia became Zimbabwe, born in Bulawayo 1973, my childhood was amazing and full of life, freedom and fun, growing up in the bread basket of Africa has made me the strong woman and mother I am, if only it all could have lasted so that my children could experience what we had. How apt that he passed away so close to the “first” Rhodie, Cecil John Rhodes.Goodbye to a hero who will not be forgotten. DEBORAH LEE (nee WELBOURN) ~ SURREY, UK

In memory of the Honorable Ian Douglas Smith, "We fought hard and we fought well, only because we had you at the helm" Eric Bowerman (ex Rhodie).

A hero.  Chris Harvey.

My tribute to an honest, wise and courageous man.   Domingos Nogueira always Rhodesian.

Our deepest sympathies to his family. Ian Smith was a great man and very much admired by all. He will certainly live on in our memories and will always be part of our 'Rhodesian' heritage. The Liddle Family (ex Porte Valley)

To the memory of a Great, Kind and Brave Man who gave his time and life unsparingly to Rhodesia. From Peter and Shirley Charlton. Brisbane, Australia

My deepest condolences to all the family at this time. It is a very sad time for most of us Rhodesians because it feels like a passing of not only a very honest, straight talking man, but a man who understood Africa like no other honest African politician who tried to do the best for every Rhodesian at that time. Sadly Africa will never see another man like him again. Sir Ian, arise! May God Bless You and Keep You Always with All True Rhodesians.Patrick Sherry (UK)

We were greatly saddened to hear of the passing of Ian Smith. What a great leader. He will be sadly missed. To his family – you are in our prayers and thoughts. Chris and Violet Bam (Bulawayo) now living in the United States.

Our Prime Minister, The Honourable Ian Douglas Smith, will live on in our hearts and minds as long as we and our children live. A great man of vision, he was correct in saying there will be no black rule for a 1000 years, there is no rule in Zimbabwe, there are no rules, only dictatorship, that is not government.
It was an honour to serve the man and the country. Our deepest sympathy and condolences to the Smith family. Richard and Moira Long Canada.

We lived through an such amazing era of development in our country and how proud we are to have been a part of what it was. What unique and special memories we treasure. Ian Smith handed over a real jewel to Mugabe: a blossoming, almost self sufficient economy, ripe for massive development once the restrictions of sanctions were removed. An opportunity which showed such promise, gave so much hope to so many, but lost to greed and corruption. And now the passing of the man who gave our country everything but who asked for nothing in return. A brave man, always. He will not be forgotten. Deepest sympathy to the family. Valerie and Kelvin "Bugs" Malcolm, UK

What a man you must have been for I was a mere 4 years old when you gave up your Rhodesia, yet I know of you and what you stood for. My parents, grandparents, aunts and unlces spoke of you fondly, proudly and with deep respect, may you rest in peace until your loved ones are there to greet you again. This is not the end of an era for “Rhodesians will never die”. Rest in peace Mr Ian Smith, PM of Rhodesia. Frederiksen (UK)

To Ian Smith's Family, Deepest Sympathy. What a courageous and brave man.
He gave us 15 extra "Rhodesian" years which taught us a lot. We left Rhodesia in 1980.We met Ian Smith at the Menzies Hotel Sydney Australia where he gave a speech some years ago. When we met him he said "there is a good Rhodesian accent" God Bless. RIP Ian Smith you were a wonderful man. Alan and Barbara Oxlade (Sydney)

You were an inspiration to us all and I was proud to be lead by you. Karl Woodhead

Our deepest condolences to the family at the loss of a truly great man. We respected and loved him dearly, even though we never knew him personally. One of the most honest politicians ever. His heart for, commitment and dedication to our country and her people, out weighed his own importance and we were always grateful to him for that. He will always hold a special place in our hearts and will be remembered fondly by our family. Joyce, Debby and Nicky Clarke

Last Sunday we attended a Memorial for Ian Smith service at Kings Park in Perth, Western Australia. Around 1,000 people were in attendance. The service was well presented with Alan Perie presiding over the service and exactly as the last post was struck a fly past in “missing man” formation took place. It was a fitting tribute.

The last time I saw and spoke with Ian Smith was at the gent’s toilet in Milton Buildings, Salisbury in 1980. I was on National Service in the Air Force and he was preparing for the Lancaster Conference in London. We had just completed an external raid into central Mozambique which while successful, had cost our forces and we were just planning another raid on Mugabe forces based nearer towards Maputo. He told me that he was hopeful the solution would be found to meet the hopes and aspirations of Rhodesians and felt he would still have influence. I recall I just did not believe how he could think that seeing Government had passed to the Bishop who was a total fool. History unfolded and now after just over two decades – his greatest fears have been proven true 10 fold. Ian must have died a very disappointed person to witness the destruction of that land which after only 80 or so years had been built into such a diamond in the rough in that dark continent.   John Frame

You were the most honest and upstanding Prime Minister Rhodesia ever had, you stood your ground, you were FAIR but FIRM. I salute you. Dat Kung formerly of Gwelo.

I was saddened by the passing of Ian Smith, a truly remarkable man.
My heartfelt condolences to his family on their loss. Leslie Terblanche (nee Eggleston) Brisbane Australia

We ask that you please accept our most heartfelt sorrow and our condolences as your loss is a loss to us all. May God bless you and keep you in his care this day and always.  Alberto Aranda

My sincere condolences to the family on the sad loss of a man of great integrity and great worth.  My late husband Tony Churcher taught his sons at Chaplin School Gweru in the late 60's early 70's where we met Mr Ian Smith personally at a number of functions. He had such a marvellous personality and an absolute pleasure to speak to. God be with all the family. Lynn Neethling (ex Gweru & Byo)

Deepest sympathy to Mrs. Tholet, Robert, family and close friieds on the passing of Mr. Ian Smith. Upright and True and a man if great perception. Loved by so many. We will not forget him. Maxie Harwood. U.K.

Our heartfelt sympathy goes to Jean, Robert and their families on the loss of Ian Douglas. We thought he had vision and was a great man. We have happy memories of our many years in Rhodesia and of the folk nights spent with Clem and Jean and friends at the Beverley Rocks Motel. Ray and Lesley Griffin

Sincere sympathies to the Smith family on the passing of Ian truly a great man. Treasured memories of Rhodesia. Diana Bolton (nee Hennessay)

Sincere condolences to the remaining Smith family members. I was born in Bulawayo, lived and worked there from 1945 until early 1966, when I moved to Johannesburg. Since November 1986 I have been living in the USA but still follow what is happening in Rhodesia. It is sickening what Mugabe has done to that country. Sincerely, Les Kaplan

My sincerest condolences to the Family of Ian Douglas Smith in the passing of a GREAT MAN and a GREAT LEADER. He inspired all Rhodesians. May he now Rest in Peace. Jan de Beer & Family

My sincere condolences. Few leaders in this day and age are so honest, courageous, consistent, and trustworthy. Stan Patchet

I was a "Friend of Rhodesia" during the time Ian Smith was Prime Minister.
I recall writing him a letter of support. He sent me a personalized thank you
letter bearing his signature. I am a citizen of the United States and never
had the pleasure of visiting Rhodesia but Ian Smith and the many others
that did what was right because it was right earned my admiration. He was a "hero" to me.  God Bless Joe McKean

We left our homeland in 1985 and as far as we are concerned, Ian Smith was the ONLY honest politician, statesman and a fine gentleman in history. Our sympathy to his family and friends. A man in a million. Kind regards The Mushett family, New Zealand

A truly great man, and with his passing reinforces the words , Rhodesia, another time, another place..... Nicholas Bowden

Ian Smith 1919-2007, I lived and fought for Rhodesia, to me Rhodesia was you.
I only met you once but you left an impression that will stay with me for the rest of my life.
Rest in Peace.  My sincere condolences to the Smith Famil. Andrew Tunle

Our sincere condolences to the Smith Family. Ian Smith was a great Man and Politician, actually one of the best. He was very much admired by true Rhodies and definately by myself and my family. May his memory live on forever.Rest in Peace Ian Smith, Pat and Maureen Harris. Australia (X Chiredzi)

A great gentleman, he will be sadly missed and always remembered for the extra years he gave us in a wonderful land. Sleep well.Liz and Dennis Jordan

My condolences to Mrs. Smith and family.Mr Ian Smith was a man who had the courage of his convictions and stood firm in spite of international pressure. He has left a legacy that will be remembered for many years to come. My father who served with him in the same political party during the Federation spoke of him as a man of integrity and a man of conviction. May the Lord be your comfort during this time of bereavement David J.Rendall Texas.USA.

A man of integrity and with vision. Really sad about his passing. The end of an era, and the end of the country we once call our home.. Regards, Ms Jordan Dessington

To Jean Tholet and Smith Family Our deepest sympathy on the loss of a Gentleman. Ian Smith helped build a country to be proud off.Mally and Agnes Duncan

My condolences to the family. I was a baby when Ian Smith visited our farm in Kezi. I wish things were different today and that the country was the same as it was then. Rest in peace. Lorna Paterson (nee van Vuuren), Cape Town

To the Smith family. Sincere and deep sympathy to you all on the loss of Ian, one of Africa's greatest leaders. Will always be remembered by Tom & Judy Sheard, King William's Town, South Africa.

Ian Smith saved southern Africa from communism. Kobus du Toit

I will always have many proud and happy memories of growing up in Rhodesia and I feel that Ian Smith had a huge part to play in the way that I look at life and the world today – a man of honour and integrity – he was always my hero. I will always remember him. Elaine Bushell ( nee Venter)

We attended the Memorial Service for IDS in Cape Town, and I wish all the curmudgeonly editorial- and obituary-writers who had written such twisted and scurrilous things about him could have been there to witness the depth of the affection and respect for him. I would have like to ram their scribblings down their collective throats. The church was packed, standing-room only. His memory will live on in the minds of many, many ex-Rhodesians around the world. Our deep condolences to the family -- you, and we, have lost a great man.  Mike and Ann Raath, Cape Town (ex Salisbury)

Condolences to the family on the passing of a man among men! Not only will he be remembered as a great Politician and Leader, but as a humble man who always had time for his fellow beings. Your love and dedication to your ‘country’ and your people will be remembered. Val & Jane Evans (nee Flockhart, was Paull)

Our deepest sympathy for the loss of a great leader “Ian Douglas Smith” A Man of Dignity , Strength and strong character. A leader of a wonderful country "OUR" beautiful Rhodesia - lost but not forgotten. Amelia Siegel - (The Poeira family - Umtali)

An amazing Man, Country and Experience. I will not forget. Keith Casey (SA).

To the family, We remember a great man with much respect and fondness.
Mike & Ann (nee Fraser - son-in-law & daughter of the late Senator George Fraser) Raath.

Sincere condolences to the family of a great man. Proud memories of the opportunities we had to meet Ian Smith, and of all that was Rhodesia. Nel family, New Zealand.

Sir you were a man second to none. You are now with GOD and still keeping an eye on us. GOD save the hero. Alf, Bev Abby Herbst. Pretoria South Africa

At the going down of the sun and in the morning after .We will remember him. Sheila and Malcolm Hair

Sincere condolences to the family. How proud you must be of your father, what a great man he was. RIP Mr Ian Smith. At the going down of the sun … Stuart & June Ross

Our condolences to the family of Ian Douglas Smith, undoubtedly one of the most honest politicians of our time. May he rest in peace and be joined together spiritually with his gentle wife Janet forever. Beryl & Ken Spark

To all the Smith family and friends, Deepest condolences to you all on the loss f Ian - one of the most genuine people I have ever had the privilege to meet. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all in this time of sadness. Love and God bless you all. Maureen Merrifield ( nee Hobbs)

Our love and thoughts to Jean and the family on the loss of such a wonderful man. A life time of memories. Chris and Trish Cant, Perth Western Australia (Ex Salisbury)

What a Man, one of the all too few, true Statesmen! We give thanks to God for such a man and for his family who gave him the love and support he needed in whatever he set his hand to. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Mary Ashington (nee McDiarmid)

I met Mr Smith on a couple of occasions in the bush when he visited the troops. I only had the opportunity to greet him and answer one or two questions, like most of us in the ranks. He was a true and sincere gentleman and a good leader and he has had my respect for more than 40 years now.

The world is a poorer place when men like him, men of integrity, are lost to it.

I remember cutting the following out of The Herald, in Salisbury in 1979, (it was near the crossword puzzle!), and was credited as having been found scrawled on a wall in Sidinda, Operation Tangent area, in 1977 by David Simleit. I still have the original cutting and the words ring true for all Rhodesians and especially for Mr Smith:

After all have come and gone
We will remain, shadows of a forgotten past.
Those that follow
After we are long forgotten
Will say:
Here stayed men of substance
Therefore I pray
God bless all sons of Rhodesia.
At least we tried, didn't we?
Yet how did we fail
When we were so sincere?

Erik Eilertsen, ex Rh Sigs

You will always be remembered. Sleep peacefully gentle man. (Debbie Buitendag nee Miller, ex Salisbury)

My condolences to Janet and Family, your Father will be fondly remembered. Glen Goosen

Gone but not forgotten, the best is now at rest.  Under different circumstances yours should have been a State funeral and not a quiet passing, but you will always have a place in the history of what was a truly great country of plenty, that now no longer is. Rest in peace your work is done. Val Bennet

Our very deepest sympathy to all the family on the loss of a wonderful man. Our hero, who through your leadership, provided us with a life in a countrythat was beyond compare. We remember you fondly and treasure those precious memories. May you rest in peace now.Chris & Linda (nee Brits) Thomson

Fond memories of a really happy lifestyle that he tried so hard to preserve for all. Philip Green (Johannesburg)

He was a man of integrity, let down by those who had none. May he now rest in peace. Mathew Tait

We are Rhodesians who grew up in Rhodesia. Many of our friends lost their lives fighting for it. We made huge sacrifices for it. Though we are far away, we are still Rhodesians and always will be. It has become a special place for us and no one can take it away from us or join it. We were privileged to have met Ian Smith twice in recent times and the sight of him made us realise - we would do it all again. A special man who needs no words to describe him. He will always be a part of our lives and many others who remain - proudly Rhodesian. We have all lost a father. Condolences to the Smith family. Paul Burmeister & Sharon Elliott. Durban

The Winds of Change have touched our lives again. Goodbye and God Bless you - IAN DOUGLAS SMITH and our COUNTRY and HOME - RHODESIA. You made us all proud to be RHODESIANS - you made us all into MEN amongst schoolboys. May you now R.I.P. Gail Beale (nee VAN BLERK) - BULAWAYO

What an incredibly sad loss! Our heart felt condolences to the whole Smith Family. Although so many of us have left our beloved country and moved on, Rhodesia will always be our home - our hearts are always there. Thank you Mr Ian Smith, for fighting so hard to keep our country alive, you were a great man, a true leader and an inspiration to us all. And Thank you to alI the Rhodies out there that are striving to keep our heritage alive... I cant help feeling that the Rhodesians world-wide are going to rise together again - stonger than ever! God bless You!! Melanie Grigoratos and Buckley Nilsen and all the Grigoratos's from Bulawayo and Nilsen's from Salisbury

Sad loss of a great man and leader – Willard & Val Bowker

My deepest condelences. The man did his best for the country as a whole. Thanks. Erasmus Mujiwa.

What a man. Deepest sympathy to the family. Ron and Lyn van Zyl.RSA

Yes, sad news. He did so much for us all and our country. A country now very sad. Betsy Cowdy

An honor to serve in the Rhodesian Forces under a gentleman such as Ian Douglas Smith, I salute you Sir. Thomas J Crook.

It was an Honor to have served you.  Our memories of you are cherished. You were a Great man, leading a Great Land, with Great people. Thank You,  Roger Diss (ex Rusape)

To The Smith Family - Our most sincere condolances at the loss of a man amongst men, who was respected even by his enemies. He was a man who's word was his bond. He did everything that was within his power to fulfill the promises he made and he will be remembered with love and appreciation by those who served him. May The Lord Jesus Christ bless, keep and protect you during this time of loss and sadness - Gavin and Jenny Rawstron ( now living in East London - South Africa)

Our sincere sympathy to the family. We lived and worked under his guidance and admired and respected him as a great and sincere man. He was Rhodesia. God rest his soul. Sid and Shirley Robbins and family (ex Salisbury).

To the friends and family of Ian Douglas Smith, our deepest condolences on the passing of a great man. He was our leader, our Commander in Chief and, through the gentle way he handled his Office, our friend. May he rest in the knowledge that he gave us the finest society, the finest environment in which to bring up our families, and an honourable and successful country, sadly betrayed by its friends in its most critical hour. In this, the time of Ian Smith's passing, perhaps his critics will now finally judge him less harshly, having seen the atrocities committed by his successors in power. And perhaps now, at this sad time, his followers will more than ever hold their heads up and say to the world "We were not wrong."  Nick Matzukis

Our sincere condolences to the family, we remember Ian smith with pride, what wonderful memories we have of Rhodesia. Rest in PeacePat and David Adlam UK

To the Smith family My deepest sympathy on the loss of Mr. I D Smith. The passing of my Prime Minister, Officer and Gentleman, I will miss you dearly. Willie Lindeque (1RLI)

I have a deep sense of loss and that feeling that it really is "An end of an Era"!! Ian Smith was a Man among Men, a rare animal by today's standards - an Honest Politician who stood by what he knew was right. And in return we all stood behind him and many gave their all!! Condolences to the family, thanks for the most fantastic time of my life in Rhodesia, RIP - you were loved by us all. Under the right situation you would have earned a place at World's View next to Allen Wilson and his men!! From Ian Whitfield (and my late wife Sue)

To Jean and her family and Elizabeth (widow of Ian Smith’s son Alec), Kjerstie, Inger and Tom-Eric – our deepest sympathies on the passing of a great man, father and grandfather. The news of his death brought deep sadness to so many of his admirers and followers. Thank you Ian Smith for all you did for Rhodesia and your dedication and strength in carrying out your beliefs, giving Rhodesia 15 additional years of good and prosperous living! If only the country’s situation could have been reversed in your life time, to it’s previous glory and the heights that you took it to! Fly high and rest in peace. Jill Wolfaardt.

My condolences to Ian Smith’s family on the passing of a truly great man. He served in the RAF with my late father in law, Eldon Trollip, who was Secretary of Defence with him, so I got to know him fairly well through this family connection. I was in the BSAP, and it was an honour to serve under a person of integrity. I for one will never forget his courage and humility and, not least of all, his ability to remember everyone’s name, and treat them as equals. - Iain Laing (BSAP 1959 – 1982)

As a nation, he showed us the way to honour, courage, and an everlasting pride in the calibre of a small number of people with huge hearts. He will be remembered with respect and admiration by all of our generation. Trish Parsons, ex Salisbury, Rhodesia.

Our deepest sympathies to you and your family. We are so deeply saddened by Ian’s passing, he will remain forever in our hearts - what a great man, what a great leader. Laurence and Franca (nee Verdelli) Baker, Ireland.

Rhodesia, a country of high morals. Rest in peace. Best regards,Graeme James McLoughlin

Deepest sympathy to the Smith family on your loss of a truly wonderful person and heartfelt sympathies to a Nation of people who believed in him. Rest in Peace Ian Smith, you did well.
With respect. Lynette Willemse ( nee BORRETT )

Our deepest sympathy on your sad loss – it truly is the end of an era! My father, Theunis de Klerk, served as Member of Parliament for the Shabani area and was sadly killed in September 1977 just a few months before Independence. He was in an ambush whilst visiting farmers in the area and trying to convince them to stay on their farms. Strange how the world works as now these framers have all been forced off their properties! I still have Christmas Cards dating back to this time, signed by Ian and Janet and sentimental as I am – I will hold onto them. You are in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. Kind regards Betty de Klerk (wife of Theunis de Klerk) and children Lourens, Renee and Chris

To Janet and Family, he will sadly missed by all who knew him. What a great life he gave us all, fond memories, which will always be in our hearts, of a once great country and a great leader. Esmare' and Ian Gethen (ex Salisbury and Rusape) now living in the UK

Our heartfelt condolences to the family & friends on the passing of Ian Douglas Smith. He was always a gentleman … right to the end! You’ll be in our thoughts forever & we are truly blessed to have had you share a valuable & important part of our lives. Thank you for inspiring us to still believe what a wonderful country Rhodesia was & will always be! Rest in Peace!
David & Rosemary Baines (nee Tuck), ex Bulawayo

To the whole Smith family our hearts and prayers are with you at this time of great loss, Ian Smith was a shining example to many and he will forever be in our memories of Rhodesia, for our family he will always be with us as my brother was named after him. May Gods blessings be on you all
Sandi McRAE

Not too many families in this world can testify to having had a gentleman amongst them who conducted himself with such honor and righteousness. Few people can actually understand the principals which not only drove Ian Douglas Smith, but also by which he constantly lived his life.
To have been associated with and led by him through the last years of Rhodesia was indeed an honor. Cherish the memories and be proud to say in any company….’I was there’ Andrew Sternslow Ex BSAP Force NO. 8410

My deepest sympathy to all the family of Mr Ian Douglas Smith. May God bless you all in this time of sorrow. Mary Kleb - East London, SA [ex Bulawayo]

Condolences to all the family. He was atruly great man who gave us the best years of our lives. Kevin and Mary Pring Welling, England

I was a Smith man. Maybe we were wrong, maybe we were foolish but we acted in good faith. I have no regrets for trying. Rob Ryan

A true and rare gentleman. A man not afraid to stand up for what he believed in. An end of an era. Hennie and Carole Uys (UK)

In memory of a great man who thought of others before himself.Daphne McLoughlin

A great man who strived to do his best for all of us. Our deepest sympathies to his family. The Mullenbachs, Pietermaritzburg.

Fondly known as Smithy our great leader - fondly remembered as Ian Douglas Smith, one of the world's greatest statesmen. " He made it, they broke it ". Deryk McBain now living in the USA.

Our condolences to the Smith and Tholet families. Ian Smith was my CO whilst I was in the RWS and I had the honour to meet him when I was in 2RAR. He was a man of integrity and honesty whom I was proud to serve. Ann Fairs and family.

Whilst he was alive, there was always that little glimmer of hope that maybe one day, we could take our Rhodesia back, heal her wounds and return her to her former glory. Now he has gone, that is the end of a truly great era, but it is the end. Rest in piece Mr Smith, you were right and you did your duty. Terry Ivison. South Africa

Sincere condolences to Janet & family, thinking of you at this sad time. Bronwen Hogan (nee Hosie, daughter of the late Frank & Joan Hosie Selukwe)

Condolences to the family of a great man. You will never be forgotten. Hamba Kahle Shamwari. Sean Williams Botswana

The Right Honourable ID Smith.

He looked the world straight in the eye.
He served with absolute commitment in all he believed.
His leadership embraced the most humble, through to the Majestic.
He lead our country with great integrity, decency and honour.
He had a broader version of honesty and wisdom than any world leader.
He was kind, considerate, decisive -- a man of strength and good pride.
He lived a life in the highest values, blessed with inspirational discernment.
He demonstrated all merits of good and rejected all evil.
He is amongst the greatest men of all time.

Thank you, Sir, we salute you with pride.
Faamba Zvaakanaka, ishe. Saala gaashle.

Tony Morkel
Sable Publishing House

Sincere condolences to the family. Ian Smith was a great man and he stood for what he believed in. My parents went to school with Ian and I was at Chaplin School in Gwelo with his sons and in fact, Alec (who I believe passed away) was in my class. This is definitely the end of an era. Regards Elaine Farquharson (nee Rademeyer) and husband Stuart Farquharson. (Alberton Gauteng South Africa)

My sincere condolences. André Coetzee & Family

When I got the news that Mr. Ian Smith had passed away,I cried.Through thick and thin,I always supported this great man.He has gone to join the lads who gave up their lives for our beautiful Rhodesia. Rhodesians never die.The memory lingers on. Rest in Peace. Jo Da Silva.

To the family of our beloved Prime Minister of Rhodesia, Ian Douglas Smith. Our heartfelt condolences on the loss of a great gentleman and leader. His name will go down in history as a man that stood by his word. We had the honour of meeting him at a Round Table 49 party in 1981, in Bulawayo, and he gave us such encouraging words. We still have the pictures of that night.
Always remembered by Rodney and Pamela Share (ex Bulawayo).

My certificate proving my membership of Rhodesia Pioneers Society takes pride of place on my wall even more so now that all the family farms around Chipinga have been stolen! A gem of a country now ruined. Smithy did his best to prevent the unfortunate inevitable ruin. I believe it will rise again. Deryck Eddy ex Bulawayo

A wonderful man who was an example to us all . He gave us all the best 15 years of our life,rest in peace prime minister, " well done thou true and faithful servant,enter thou into the house of the lord"
Roy and Joan Cowing

To the Smith family – Deepest sympathy. Ian was a man of courage and conviction ..one of very few leaders who remained true to his beliefs. Alan & Ros Cumming

My deepest sympathy to family and friends of the Smith family, truly a great Man,God Bless.  Mark Mathews

To the Family and Friends of Ian Smith:

I am not a Rhodesian, so I hope you will forgive my impudence barging into a private remembrance, and in writing too much.

I was born and raised in the USA. My countrymen helped (in a small way) build your country in the beginning and stood by (some might say accelerated) it’s fall. I can accept neither praise nor blame because I was, until just recently, blissfully unaware of everything Rhodesian. UDI took place when I was 7 years old. We were more concerned with our selves and Vietnam and Watergate and basically ignored Africa (except for an occasional, irrational, pause to excoriate South Africa and praise communist rebels in various countries)

Ian Smith was a great man. He may have had frailties—he was human, after all—but he stood up to tremendous pressures and set an inspirational example for us all. I wish I could have had the honor to have met him. I wouldn't have anything important to say; but maybe some of his determination could have helped me become more resolute.

The history of Rhodesia is a history of brave men and women sacrificing much for the success of others. That name has been dragged in the mud by some; but it cannot be sullied. The brave men and women whose blood, sweat, and tears (to paraphrase Mr. Churchill) built and defended your country have set the name above human efforts to stain. Ian Smith was surely as brave as Alan Wilson, and as surely surrounded and doomed by the enemies of freedom. His name will live on Rhodesia’s Honor Roll long after we pass on.

With the greatest sympathy and respect,

John Bailey

My sincere condolences to the family. Ian Smith was a truely wonderful man. I met him three times and it was a great honor. I am very proud to have his signature on my army certificates. Best wishes.Rob Landau (RLI Trooper).

To a great man who did his best for the Rhodesians. Will always be greatly respected. Dimitri & Lydia Grigoratos (ex Bulawayo)

He will be remembered as an honest politician which is a rare commodity in this day and age, but also as someone with integrity and humility.Even if his policies were not always one's that I could support I will remember him with admiration. He was a great and courageous man. Gill von Seidel

As third generation Rhodesians we share the pride which the late Ian Douglas Smith demonstrated for a wonderful country. Lesley's mother the late Pam Taylor, (nee Harland) was a fellow student and friend of Ian at Rhodes University and later enjoyed many social occasions with the Smoths in Salisbury. We will always be immensely proud of the Rhodesia which our families helped to build, it was the most progressive and socially evolutionary country, a true jewel and the breadbasket of Africa. Rest in Peace Ian, a true son of the Rhodesian Pioneers, we will never forget you. Our deepest sympathy and sincere condolences go to his family and all his many friends.
Roger and Lesley Sheldon, Devon U.K.

Our sincere condolences to the Smith Family on the passing of a truly remarkable man. He made us proud to be Rhodesians. Trevor & Trish Kubie, UK

Our condolences to the Smith Family and to all his friends: Mr Smith was a brave man and left a good legacy; we still proudly call ourselves Rhodesians and rightly so. No one can take away our memories of those times and they serve us well. We will remember.   The Theron Family from Fort Vic

What a real pity that IDS, because of the racist regime that runs the ruins of Zimbabwe cannot also be interred near CJR at Matopos! Now that would be a fitting resting place for the MAN. Blessings
Dex Stocker

What a wonderful man, my dad had the honour of taking a lot of pictures of him when we lived in Bulawayo, a very close friend of the family ran the grounds at Government House (next door to Northlea High School) I swam in the pool at Government House, I have alot of lovely memories of the gardens too. But the most important thing that I have in my mind is talking to him on a Sunday afternoon and Mr Smith making me feel like I was the most important person in the world. Great Man, wonderful person and a man with integrity. Shall be sadly missed. Regards Netta Ewart

We attended the Memorial Service in Cape Town, the Church was full, standing room only. It was small thing we did to pay tribute to a man who did great things. We will always be Rhodesians, not Ex Rhodesians and certainly not Zimbabweans. This is because Rhodesia was a Time, not a place, it was a Time that Ian Smith led us in creating and that Time can never be forgotten. Neither will Ian Smith. Go well, Mr Smith, and rest easy, your job on earth has been done, and done well. Marion Oosthuysen

Born in Belgium, we, the Sweeck family, emigrated to Rhodesia, a decision I will always be grateful for to my parents. I will always think back to Rhodesia where I had some of the best moments in my life, and I will always regard myself as being more Rhodesian than Belgian. My heartfelt condolences to the Smith family. Eric Sweeck (Belgium)

The deepest and sincerest condolences on the passing of Mr Ian Dougles Smith. It was an honour to meet the legendary Ian Smith in 1981 in Salisbury. In an age when sad shortcomings define politicians, his integrity and excellent personal qualities rise head and shoulders above others. May God rest his soul and may he be accorded honours and recognition for the qualities that set him apart. H H Breitenstein

On behalf of my family. and the Rhodesian Light Infantry Regimental Association, I offer our deep condolences to family of Ian Douglas Smith.

He titled us in the Rhodesian Light Infantry as ‘The Incredibles’; however, to us, he was ‘The Incredible’ in stature, gravitas, courage, self-discipline, integrity and as an exemplar of leadership.

We ‘Saints’ treasure our memory of ‘Smithy’ as the icon of all that we once were, and the creator and leader of that grand and beautiful Nation we all loved and now remember with great sadness.

Brigadier John ‘Digger’ Essex-Clark, DSM; Patron and Caretaker Chairman of the Rhodesian Light Infantry Regimental Association; Canberra, Australia.

I was always amazed when meeting Mr Smith, wether at the Dog Shows or at the airport - he never forgot me -having meet my husband and I once, remembering our love of dogs and in particular 'our Bull Terriers' . My staff , all Zimbabweans, and all our family will always remember him for he was the true spirit of Rhodesia.Mark and Sue Impey ( ex Goromonzi) Cape Town,

What a man, what a personality, my wife and I both met him,I had met him at the Police Hall at Hard Square a few times,it was such sad news to hear of his death. Many condolences to his family,his memory and his straight forwardness will stay with us always. Africa has lost a special man. Tony and Angela Walkden,Ex Hatfield

It is so sad that a man, a true Rhodesian, had to pass away in a foreign country, because of political hatred. Yet, his memory will for always be fresh in the minds of those who also now live in foreign countries. V.Rupping ex Bulawayo.

an Douglas Smith, we will miss you sir, I met you twice in Bulawayo and the seconed time you remembered my name I was so proud that a great statesman could remember me it was one of the greatest moments in my life, we loved you sir just as you loved us,  Condolences to the family, God Bless Mr Rhodesia. From Colin Lockey Richard Lockey Karen Elliott (nee Lockey) And families

Our Courageous Prime Mister is at peace..you fought the fight you stood shoulder to shoulder with your people .. No other leader would do what you have done for a nation...A true leader and Gentleman...Godbless you and your Family..RIP Rob and Liz Handyside

My prayers go to Jean and Robert and their families, on the passing of their father. To us he was a father to so many, and a wonderful mentor. “Ian D Smith” will never mean anything other than “Loyalty” “Steadfastness” “Courage” “Tenacity” and “Perseverance”! We salute you, our Prime Minister, You`ve earned your rest! Regards,Steve and Colleen Lombard (Nee Went) ex Umtali.

Ian Douglas Smith was and is my hero. I had the absolute privilege of growing up in Rhodesia amongst the most wonderful people in the world. I mourn the passing of a great statesman and the end of an era, never to be recaptured. My condolences to his family on the loss of an icon.
Janice Schultz (nee Patterson)

I was so sad to hear of his passing – it brought back so many memories of the wonderful years my husband and I and our four children spent on a farm in Rhodesia. During this time we were members of the Rhodesian Front and we never missed an Annual Congress or a chance to listen to him speak. My husband obtained an autographed copy of his memoirs. Many of my family and friends wish to read or re-read it. Sincere condolences to his family.  Norma Hemensley (Nambour, Australia).

To the Smith Family Our sincerest condolences to the family, he will be a man that will be greatly missed by us all Rhodesians where ever we are in the world. He was a man we were proud to call our President. May God be with him and the ones that are left behind Bennie & Liz Bam

Ian Smith a Rhodesian friend I never met but will forever be remembered. Steve Klimaytys (UK)

Mr. Ian D. Smith was a true statesman, a gentleman, had a good sense of humor and was always straight forward. Never will I forget our conversations and how he made me feel welcome in his home. Thank you for making Rhodesia what it was. May you rest in peace. Condolences to the family. Mr. Marc V. Sweeck

He was a man who stood out amongst men. The world is a much emptier place without him. There has only been two special men close to my heart who by their passing has left me deeply saddened. They were both great men who stood out and gave their all to Gods Own Country Rhodesia - My brother Paul & The Prime Minister Ian Douglas Smith. May God keep you both until we meet. Rhodesians Never Die - They just go Home.. God bless Dave Rouse

Our Deepest sympathy and condolences to the Smith family. Rhodesia, [Sit Nomine Digna ] our emblem "May she be worthy of the name". She has and always will be ...Rhodesia to us. Rest in peace Ian Douglas Smith and thank! Tom and Carolyn De Bruyn

With deepest sympathy to all the family on the passing of Mr Ian Smith - so many thousands of us spread all over the world but all Rhodesians at heart. He was the truest Rhodesian of us all. Rest in Peace - Mike & Barbie Norman (nee Elcombe) Maleny, Queensland

To the Smith family - our thoughts and prayers are with you all at this time - may you find the comfort you need - thanks to Ian for making the country I was born in and lived in til I was 16 years old (and left this year finally aged 42 years) - it will remain my home forever - I now live in Toowoomba (Australia) but my heart remains in Zimbabwe and Africa - best wishes - Clare Davies and Dez Kok.

To the Smith family: Ian Smith afforded us all an opportunity to grow-up in an incredible country with incredible people. Now, the world-over you will always find friendly Rhodies/Zimbos of all colours. Thank-you & God bless. Louis Korb

offer my condolences to the Smith family on the passing of this great man. A man of principle with a vision encompassing a better life for all his beloved Rhodesians of every colour and who stood firm in his resolve not to compromise on standards or give in to the pressures of appeasement which - as he so rightly predicted - would unleash forces of greed, power lust and exploitation on a scale unprecedented in that Country. A Great man finally at peace and upon whom History will ultimately pass vindication. Mike Scott

May he now Rest in Peace. A man of his time; true and committed. My condolences to the family.
Neil Lindsay (ex Byo).

The family of The Honorable Ian Douglas Smith, If only the world knew what a brave, sincere, honest and committed man he was, we were privileged as Rhodesians to have him as our leader. I was honored to meet him a few years ago when he was 83 yrs old and he was still the dignified gentlemen as we all knew him. My sincere sympathy. Mandy Williams (ex Salisbury)

It was with great sadness that we – Portuguese people that left Mozambique in 1975 and lived in Rhodesia - learnt of your father's passing. As a journalist I hoped that one day I could meet him here in South Africa and have a great interview done to a great man, but I'm thankful that at least I spoke to him various times over the telephone in Salisbury when I was an operator for the GPO. He was a great man and I am grateful and Rhodesia for having accepted me and my family in troubled times in our homeland: Mozambique. Dario Bettencourt


I was priviledged to have met Mr Ian Smith aboard the Alabama together with Iain & Constance Hadfield, at the V & A Waterfront 2003. We had the most wonderful day with him, I have a photo of him and Iain, which I will always treasure.

The best years of my life together with my late husband and childrenspent in Rhodesia, will never be forgotten.

Pat McSharry & family

A tribute to a wonderful man who came from the same area as I did (Selukwe). May you rest in peace. Kim Budke

A great country and a dedicated leader. RIP Mr. Smith. Strength to Jean and the whole family. Mike & Barbara Westcott. Cape Town.

An Honourable Man and an honourable life – may you rest in peace. We are the better for having known you. Martin, & Vanessa Byrne & family (Australia)

So many people say that they have principles ... but if you don't like those, they have others!
Not the 'Ishe' - he stayed true to what he believed in.
A man amongst men!
An honour to have served you and Rhodesia, Sir!

Condolences to the family.
Mike Burchell
(Force No. 8995-BSAP)

'Bye Smithie - we loved you lots..........
Grace Schoeman (nee Whitcomb) and the whole extended Whitcomb clan

Ian Smith was a man who never compromised his values and lead by example. He never deserted his followers and remained in his beloved Rhodesia to the very end. He deserves to rest at Worlds view next to the man who had a dream which became Rhodesia. Ian Smith, we salute you and will never forget what you stood for. Honour and civilisation. Rest in peace. Owen & Elaine Shaw, Durban

A strong man who will be sadly missed by ex Rhodesians. A man I have admired since before UDI and still do. Sandra W

Thank you Monsieur Ian SMITH for xhat you did for Rhodesia and the Rhodesians.May you rest in peace. Richard BOYER, a french rhodie

He was and still is all we held dear for our country RHODESIA, a very big man among men..
Rodger JHBSOCIALCLUB ex Salisbury

An honourable man who will be remembered with respect long after the MacMillans and Wilsons of his era are forgotten. Bruce Coventry – S.Africa

Smithy was part of our life's experience; we cannot escape it, we are everywhere, we are a part of history. Condolences to his family with regards/thanks Chris Russell

Our very deepest sympathy to all of the family on the greatest man Rhodesia was so proud to have had, we salute you may your soul rest in peace. Kevin and Sandra Kroukamp Ex Que Que.

I know of no current leaders past or present in Africa who could, even if it was possible who would walk up and stand next to an ordinary person at a cricket game and say "how are you young man" as if he were just another person in the crowd. I doubt if Ian Smith ever new my name but on the few occasions we met from days at Plumtree School as a boy, thru the days of the war and beyond he always made me feel like he knew me personally. He was for many black or white, a true gentleman and it was an honour to have met him. I pass my deepest sympathies to his remaining family. Ian Smallbones UK

My deepest condolences to the Smith family. In 1983 I had the profound honor of being able to perform my stand up comedy routine for Prime minister Smith and his lovely wife Janet when they attended the Rhodesian Veterans Association convention in Lake Tahoe California. It was an honor to be able to meet and shake hands with the father of independent Rhodesia. I'll never forget that night. May his journey to the halls of his ancestors be swift and filled with joy! Sincerely
"Chicago Steve" Barkley

A true leader and a man of vision. It is like losing a dear and close relative. Mine and my families sincerest condolences Ian, Carol, Jason & Larysa Graves

Heartfelt condolences to the family of a true Hero. It was an honour to have served my time & country in the bush war under Mr. Smith's leadership. Rhodesia will ALWAYS be "Rhodesia". Chris Erasmus (Canada)

Alas He is gone whose greatness was spurned by many
Alas he is gone whose truths were held by few
Alas he is gone
The Truth he spoke remains
As True Today as Then
And we are left witness
To a sad country

Tom Ealy

A great man and a sad day for us as Rhodesia fades into the distance. May his death somehow keep the memories of a lovely country alive. Nick and Carol Beale Melbourne

To all the Smith family.  A great man who will always be remembered, from the times when I was a kid in Gwelo and we used to go fishing at Gwennora Dam, and Mr Smith caught us once on his property and just stood by us and wished us good fishing. That day I will never forget. Always remembered and we will follow you again, always Rhodesian. (ex Sapper.) Milton Griffin (Australia)

to whom it may concern i do do not idly go to war put my life my body on what ever line there is yes i could be forced into being in an army but as a simple man with simple tastes if i had to do it over again the one man who i would have done it willingly for has now passed on .if ever i percieve an honest man with as just cause i could invest my son but sad to say they broke the mold with old smithy andre (greasy) van eyssen

My son Murray, now 28, remarked on what an honour it was to shake hands with Mr Smith. Helping with the book launch in Pretoria and meeting Mr Smith was one of the highlights of my life. His integrity and understanding, care and kindness shone through and gave comfort to so many. Cynthia West

My deepest sympathy to the family. I'm saddened by the passing of a wonderful man who took a country and, without the help of the world, made it a self-sufficient nation that anyone would be proud to call home. Thank you for the privilege of being able to live there and experience the beauty of the country and her people. Edwina Hanley, Canada

Ian Smith, a true Rhodesian hero to the end. Condolences to the Smith family. Gary Huxham – South Africa

You are my hero.
Never to be forgotten.
Go in Peace.

Gill Ashmead (New Zealand)
(nee Mecoy) Marandellas

I wish to convey my wife and my deepest condolences and sadness to Mr Smiths family, and not least to my fellow Rhodesians, at the loss of the greatest man I have had the honour to meet. Rhodesia is now finally extinct. Mr Smith, I have personally heard many people in this country say you were right all along.Thank you for leading us. We will always love you. Pieter and Gina van der Linde (U K)

Deepest sympathy to the entire smith family. You will forever be in our hearts and the memories of
A wonderful country and all you did will never be far from us. Eve Burton Kent England

I was brought up in Salisbury Rhodesia, it was and always will hold my heart. My deepest condelences to the entire smith family. Mr ian smith did so much for Rhodesia, made it a great country . how it must have broke his heart to see what has happened there. We are all sad to see your passing but the memory of you and all you did will forever be in our minds and hearts. Mrs Eve Burton Kent England. Thank you Mr. Smith

Our condolences to the Smith Family on your great loss. We will always remember our hero “Ian Smith”. Ryken family (Utti, Debbie (nee dePaauw), Kirk & Shawn), Eve dePaauw, Gary dePaauw and family. Dallas, Texas, USA

Condolences to the Smith Family, he was our hero, we proudly had the car sticker "You are behind me I am behind Ian Smith" we are now sitting across the world in the UK, where 30 years ago we would have said that we would put the lights out in Bulawayo Instead here we are safe and well, while he has had to endure so much pain, for the country he gave his life to. kindest regards. Arthur and Petal Moutrey.Bedfordshire, UK.

I have only fond memories of growing up in Rhodesia and I owe many of them to you, Mr Smith, without whom, I dare say, I would not be remembering such a beautiful, bountiful country. I remember you with fondest affection and gratitude. Michael Robert Gordon

To Family and Friends of Ian Smith, Our deepest sympathies to you all on the passing of a man of great integrity, great vision, love of his land and its people.The unity of Rhodesians continues and we salute him. Heather, Barbara, Patrick and Eddie Young

When I was young at school we had the old imperial mats outside each classroom with O H M S on them we always claimed that it meant Our Hero Mr Smith, And he was my only hero ever. The greatest Rhodie ever, My deepest condolences to his Family, we will all miss you Thank you thank you thank you Mr Smith you were there for us and Rhodesia, you never stopped you never gave up. We look up to you and wish we could be like you. Amazing person and we loved you dearly.
Rob Lawrence

A great man, greatly admired by many including myself. You will always be remembered by those who lived in Rhodesia our beloved country. My condolences to his family. Ann Bailey

Our most sincerest condolences to the Smith family. We will always remember Ian Smith for the way he fought for our beloved Rhodesia. Kindest regards Jeff and Cheryl Carstens

A great man. Back at the time of the the Universal Declaration of Independance I was a young man in the U.K. and displayed a sticker on the back window of my little Triumph Herald that said "Support Rhodesia". Not exactly a politically correct statement to make in 1960's Britain. I worked in the shipping industry at that time and parked by car in Southampton docks and returned to find a bunch of left wing dockers attempting to overturn the car. My resolve to support "Smithie" at that time was only make stronger by their actions. When I look at Zimbabwe today and see what has become of that poor country it only confirms that Ian was right at the time and my Government were totally wrong and should have supported our "kith and kin". Let us hope that soon there will be a change of regime in Zimbabwe and that prosperity returns to the country and its peoples of all races.  Rob Golding, Randburg.

A great man has left us to be with Janet. I was Mr. Smith's Government photographer for 20 years, and I knew him and his family very well. He also came to Air Force Association meetings. A very easy man to talk to.Neither Mr. Smith or Rhodesia will ever be forgotten.Alan Allen

With deepest sympathy. Wes and Anne Tyson

Once in a thousand years there comes along a man whom has the courage,grit and determination to take on the world for what he believed was right That man was Ian Smith,a gentleman and great leader.It was an honour and privilège to have been part of that wonderful country Rhodesia. Heartfelt codolences to Jean, Robert and family from Des Long

Clagget Munjoma

Peter Scales

I will always remember him as the gentleman he was, I still hear his voice when he visited our regiment, my sincere condolences to his family. Charles Miriel (RLI)

imageIt is with deep sadness that I acknowledge the passing of Ian Douglas Smith. I admired and respected this truly great gentleman and leader.
As a young teenager I had the opportunity to meet him and shake his hand.
It was in Shabani and he was opening the local polo Crosse club which my father had helped organise. I will never forget him.  Please accept my deepest sympathy. May God bring you comfort in your hour of need.
From Shirley Ann Rees (nee Shepherd). Lethbridge, Victoria, Australia.

I grew up in Rhodesia, and I thank Ian Smith for his courage to stand against the world. I had a wonderful childhood, in the best place in the world to have grown up, and I look at my children now, and wish that they too could have been priviledged enough to have experienced life in Rhodesia. Goodbye Mr Smith, you honoured what you believed in right up to the end. Condolences to the family. Lynn Kidd - Durban South Africa

I meet Ian three times once in Rhodesia & twice in London The photo I have of him myself & two other ex members of the RLI still takes pride of place above my desk 729536 Cpl Harland G S 1 RLI Gordon S Harland

God finally has his finest servant in his presence – Trevor Mann (JHB - South Africa)

The end of an era. A great man who was an honest & true leader. We will never forget. Danny & Anthea Spurrier

To My Honourable Leader, It was my priveledge to serve in the security forces under your determined leadership, I treasure the memories that you helped to create and shape. Yours was a life that others can only dream of, you were our servant as no other can be. May you rest in peace, may your contribution to this world forever be remembered and may you walk with God for eternity. I salute you. (Warrant Officer Class 1 – Alec Edward Mann)

My late father was Leslie Shaw, the Chiropractor at 188 Rhodes Avenue, and I had the opportunity to meet Ian Douglas Smith on several occasions when he came in for an adjustment, often walking up from Parliament House. He will always be remembered as one of the world finest gentleman who stood up for what he believed in.   I have his autograph in my book, opposite Sir Roy Welensky's and these I will treasure for ever. To the Smith family, Ian Douglas Smith will be forever remembered as a true inspiration by standing up for what you believed in. The world needs more people of principle. Gary Shaw (Australia)

To the Family and all good friends of Ian Douglas Smith, my deepest Condolences for the loss of a great man, I was shocked to hear the bad news. Ex Rhodesian /RLI - Adam Pietens, Roosendaal, The Netherlands

Mr. Smith, you were undoubtedly the world’s greatest statesman. I am proud to be a Rhodesian because you made me so. Your memory and your greatness will live on forever. The world has lost a wonderful person, but Heaven has gained a new special angel. Sincerest condolences to Mr. Smith’s family. Patricia Horner Seghaier, Las Vegas, NV, USA.

It was a very sad day when our great and beloved leader, Ian Douglas Smith passed away. He was a courageous man of principle, who stood up to the liberal British governments that wanted to wash their hands of their colony to radical communists. The Rhodesia he fought for, has now become the Zimbabwe ruin under Mugabe. Like Churchill, a statue of Ian Smith should be erected in Whitehall, to remind the British government of how they betrayed their Rhodesian kith and kin. Ian Douglas Smith, we salute you and will never forget you until the day we die ! Derek Hutton One of Rhodesians worldwide

My deepest condolences to the family of Ian Smith, and to all Rhodies world-wide for whom his
passing marks the end of an era. He was truly a light in the darkness, and the Rhodesia he helped
to create will never really die.  Antonius.

We wish to extend our deepest condolences to the family of Ian Douglas Smith. He was a man of great stature and integrity and his passing away has left the world a poorer place. We all lived in South Africa in the 60’s and 70’s and fully supported the vision that IDS had for Rhodesia; for all its peoples. He will not be forgotten. Simon Millar Tim Millar Bob and Pauline Malden

Dear Family:

It is taken me these past few weeks to gather the strength and collected thoughts necessary to express my feelings. Having lost my father (many years ago), I understand your feelings of loss. Aware that good form dictates that condolences to the family are, and should be, expressed by the outsider to you, the immediate family I find myself unable to do so. In his quiet and simple greatness he made me feel that I was also part of his family, his Rhodesian family, not just an outsider. Therefore, your loss is also mine.

During the turmoil of that last year of the war and the following years every time one of our mates was taken out ("pulled") we used to get together. Instead of mourning, we would celebrate having known him and thank him for touching and enriching our lives. In my grief, I can think of no better way to honor "Ole Smithy" than by sharing with you the words I wish I could have said to him in person:

To: The Right Honourable Ian Douglas Smith,
a common and extraordinary man,
Somewhere between the Chimanimani and the Matopos
between the Zambesi and the Limpopo…
with the Green and White that's flying in the Blue Rhodesian Skies
… of our memories …that we will always all love until we die.

Dear Sir:

Perhaps you do not remember my face, but in my heart of hearts I know you remember my spirit. When I first saw you, a few weeks after the Green Leader Raid, you were driving down the street not in your official car, but in a GLC. I was impressed and touched. This forced me to revise my values and objectives in life and I decided to make your cause mine. I went home, settled my affairs and returned to Rhodesia in 1979 joining the RLI.

In the year following the end of the war, I was inspired by your words and, once again, changed my plans to leave and stayed on for the transition. So in 1981, when February came, I saw the announcement of the RLI Anniversary Memorial Service in Lake Mac. I went by myself to pay my respects and see old friends. As I walked in, I ran into Padre Blakeway who remembered me and chatted for a couple of minutes. As I kept walking, P. K. and someone else walked by. All of the sudden you were there. As I saw you, my eyes opened up and I froze, unable to move or talk, thunderstruck in awe. My military training kicked in and I popped to attention and braced in salute. You looked at me realizing what had happened. Instead of the plain acknowledgement customary of Heads of State, you walked to me and extended your hand saying "Howsit, I'm Ian Smith, an honour to meet you." I shook your hand saying: "I'm Trooper Edgardo Vazquez-Bruno from Support Commando, the honour to meet you is mine." Most, would not have bothered to even shake hands, and believe me I know. As an officer in the US Army and the ZNA I have done guards and functions, in 10 countries for several heads of state, including two presidents of the USA . But then, you were not like them. You looked at me and asked: "Where you from?" I said: "Puerto Rico, Sir!" Then, looking straight into my eyes with true sincerity and with gratitude in your smile told me: "You are Incredible, we really thank God for you and your services." Suddenly all the trials and tribulations were worth it. Such power you had in you… you so personally so touched me that the only way of showing my appreciation that I could think of, was naming my son after you, Ian Vazquez-Bruno born on the 2nd. of February of 1992.

Now facing the Autumn of my life I can only celebrate you by sharing with our family and friends some of the lines I wrote a couple of days after meeting you in Lake Mac, thinking about the Poem "Invictus" which you reminded me of:

(From Remembering Invictus, KGVI, Salisbury, 1981)

…but isn't' it that what we were fighting for,
Sit Nomine Digna and the right to be proud!
So standing tall as the past is humbled
"…my head is bloodied but unbowed!"

Well "Ole Smithy" farewell and until we meet again. I know you will be standing tall by the Green and White, smiling, when you hear RSM Reid shout once more the command "Stand Still, Stand still Parade! For the Lord Jesus will inspect…" and this time both of us will be misty eyed… and smiling when I and my chinas, for the final time, step off "…when the Saints go marching by…". All the best,

Faithfully yours,

730306 Tpr. Vazquez-Bruno, E. J.
Mortar Tp., Sp. Cdo., 1st. Battalion The Rhodesian Light Infantry
Bayamon, Puerto Rico

Thank you for helping give us such a wonderful life and childhood. Through the tough times and the good you were always a gentleman in both senses of the word. Yes we fought for our beloved country and in our hearts we won... I would do it all again. Take the journey to your final resting place... you deserve it. Cheers Mate. Jeremy Watson {now in Australia}

To the family of Ian Smith please accept our condolences, he was probably one of the greatest leaders of modern times, courageous, honest and integrity, only to be betrayed by his “friends”
R.I P. The Elbers Family

With my deepest sympathy. Gerard Parmentier

To the family and friends of Ian Douglas Smith, Mr. Smith will be hardly missed by everybody, who like him denied hypocrisy of the world and showed strong decision making character of a real man! May you soul rest in peace. Marta and Boris Klvana, Czech Republic.

In fondest memory of the greatest parliamentarian in my lifetime. A true statesman and defender of freedom, decency and civilisation, his counsel as my mentor has shaped the manner in which I have viewed the world since 1965. He was and is my superlative hero of all time. We met only twice but I believe that kindred spirits need only meet but once to achieve an eternal respect. We shall not see his like again and we are all the poorer for this loss to humanity. Martin Warne

To the memory of the greatest parliamentarian of my lifetime and a superlative hero. His counsel shaped the way I have looked at the world and mankind since I was eight years old. Privileged to meet him on a few occasions, I know we shall not see the like of such a champion of freedom, decency and civilisation again. The truest gloriosa superba of all time. We are all honoured to have known him and so much richer for his life and works. Martin Warne

A True man of Greatness. James Melvin Ex Bulawayo now Tucson Arizona U.S.A

Our sincere condolences to the Family on the passing of a truly great Gentleman. May you rest in peace. Janet, Allan & Meghan Baker, Perth, Australia

To the family of Ian Smith please accept our condolences, he was probably one of the greatest leaders of modern times, courageous, honest and integrity, only to be betrayed by his “friends”
R.I P. The Elbers Family

My condolences to the family of Ian Douglas Smith. He was a truly great man. What a sad day when I heard the news that day in November, just days after the anniversary of UDI. He will always be remembered. Best regards, Lyn Bell (ex Bulawayo)

It is a tragedy when an honest man dies. Richard Wm Short Ottawa -- Canada

I apologise for the delay in sending this - due to power problems anf the fact that I have no access to internet, I have been unable to get my message through and was sent your address. Is it too late to add our condolences to the book? Due to our circumstances I am unable to say what is in my heart but would appreciate it if you could pass this message on, if it is not too late.

We were so sad to hear the sad news of the late Ian Smith and would like to send our very sincere condolences to all the family. Our thoughts and prayers are with them all.
We are proud to have know such a great and wonderful gentleman, and very much appreciate all he did for us. He played a tremendous part in our history and fought a brave and valiant fight. He will never be forgotten.

Isla and Duncan Parkes.


Mr Ian Smith and my father Paul Hendrik Fick shared a tent during the second world war while stationed in Egypt. These two men remained friends and were reunited when Mr Smith came to Perth Western Australia some years back. It is ironic that both these men passed away within ten months of each other and indeed marks the end of an era. Our sincerest condolences to the family. Rest in peace Mr Smith. The Fick family now residing in Perth Western Australia.

My father Paul Fick is on the left. This was taken at the RAAFA retirement Village in Bullcreek when Mr Smith came to give a talk. My father collected Mr Smith from the airport and was given the privelege of transporting him to and from his hotel which gave them time to catch up. My father was a great supporter of Mr Smith and always spoke so highly of him.

I joined the Rhodesian Front Party in 1969 when working as a young ships engineer based in NZ. Later I found my way over to South Africa and up by rail to Rhodesia to Salisbury and the barracks of the RLI. After basic training I was placed with support commando and served in that company from 1971 until 1974. My respect over that period of time was with my company commander and with our prime minister. It was an honour to be known as one of Ian Smiths 'boys'. My respect for Ian Smith continued throughout the years after the handover. To remain on his farm and continue through the hardships that have fallen on his country shows the great fortitude that stayed with him until the end. RIP Ian Smith. Kind RegardsRod Hale

Deepest sympathy to the Smith family on the sad passing of a truly great man, who will live forever in the heart of all Rhodesians. Des and Renette Albasini, Johannesburg South Africa

To one of the greatest men I have had the pleasure of meeting. Rest in Peace. 730130 Cpl Nicholas Skipworth-Michell 1st Battalion Rhodesian Light Infantry

John Edmond said it best in one of his Troopiesongs, The last word in Rhodesian is Ian, and this doesn't only apply to him being the last Rhodesian leader, it also applies to his ethics and morals, he was the greatest of us all ..... and anyone with Rhodesia in their hearts cannot help but be lessened by the passing of the Spirit and guiding light of our once great nation. My condolences to Jean in the first instance, and to all of the Rhodies who the Rt Hon Ian Douglas Smith ever touched.

May you find the peace that you spent most of your life trying to create for us Sir, Godspeed and God bless.

Michael Wilton

My sincere condolences to the Smith Family, Such a Mountain of a Man that was sold down so many paths. Such a pity Rhodesia has no OIL !!!  M. Brydon

Under your leadership we fought to prevent what is happening in Zimbabwe right now.
Our sincere condolences to the family and rest in peace Ian SmithCone and Veered Schippers ex Dome now in Holland

A Great Man, I only wish that British Politicians were half as honest. May you rest in peace.
Brian Keith, a late comer to Rhodesia.

A man too honest to have been a politician. Tony Sheffield Johannesburg

I will always be a Proud Rhodesian, and I will always remember Ian Smith for being the Proudest of us all. RIP Great Man, it was not for nothing. Graham Patterson - Perth

A truly INCREDIBLE human being!! Ian Smith makes me so proud to be a Rhodesian! His values,ethics,and behaviour are a fine example to anyone who truly believes in humanity!
Mike Botha, Australia.

I have lived under numerous Prime Ministers in the UK , RSA , NZ , AUS , and for the past 29 years Canada but I can honestly say the only man I have a long standing respect for is Ian Smith , a political giant amongstpygmies , a man who walked the talk , the only man I regret not having met
RIP Ian .  Ed Allen.

Deepest Sympathy to the Smith family - what a great man and an inspiration to all of us, he left us with great memories, may Smithy rest in peace. Marje Nell (Norton)

To a true leader of a nation that looked after all it’s people who unfortunalely I never got to shake his hand but was privileged to serve him in the bush war. An outstanding gentleman whom I’ll never forget.Sincere condolences to the Smith family.Tony Atkinson. Redcliff.

We were so saddened to hear of the death of our beloved Ian. A truly great man and human being. If it were possible we would stand by you again and our fellow Rhodesians. Our sincere condolences to the Smith family. Eric & Rene (nee Willemse) Birrell. Ex BSAP.

I was born at the Donaldson Nursing Home in 1940. My Dad was Inspector in Charge of the BSAP Selukwe. He knew Ian Smith’s family, and whilst not always in agreement with Ian’s politics my Dad held the Smith family in high regard. My business career spanned 1965 – yes, I witnessed UDI, to the mid 1970’s. During this period I was influenced by Ian and for the better. Hopefully he has gone to face a happier challenge.Gerry Lawrence

Because of you Ian Douglas Smith Rhodesia will never die
You were made of sterner stuff
And your memory will live forever
In the bundu and the mountains
In the rain forests at the smoke that thunders
When the skies darken and the thunder and lighting rent the skies
And the smell of rain perfumes the parched earth
When the kum-kum falls on the dry cracked land
And the flying ants and glow worms circle the lamps after the rain
When the drums beat at night
And the Elephant trumpets and the Lion roars
When the crickets and insects begin their music of the night
And when the sun rises and later sets
So to your memory will go on and on
You were our Good Shepherd of Stirling qualities and we will always remember you
Time cannot and will-not erase your memory
For the land of Rhodesia will never forget that you walked on by.
Go well.

So I leave this memory for your family so they can know my thoughts and I wish them fond memories of you.  Shirley Briggs (nee Dyke) born Eiffel Flats Gatooma Southern Rhodesia 15th January 1933

Mr Ian Smith ,the father of our Nation , was such a splendid person. I met him once, by chance, at the airport and rushed over to greet him. He did not know me but you would have thought that he did. He was warm, polite anda true gentleman. He genuinely loved all his Rhodesian family. May He rest in Peace. Lindsay Holden

I am a Nyasalander who became a Rhodesian,and, now a Queenslander, wish to send my heartfelt sympathy to the family of one of the greatest politicians that the world has known.I admired Ian Douglas Smith from his early political days in the sixties, his iron steadfastness in the face of foolish foreign propaganda, and his espousal of "Meritocracy" - Democracy based upon merit. Had that policy been allowed to progress, by what was a liberal and unthinking international community, we would have seen, today, a thriving and successful nation in which all men were equal, and in which the rule of law prevailed. Instead, we have Mugabe's Zimbabwe. The Tyrant will fall, and his name will be lost to history. The name of Ian Douglas Smith, my leader, will live forever. Go in Peace, Prime Minister! Geof Acton, Queensland

No words may express the great sorrow on the passing of a great Rhodesian.Who could forget that day on the 11/11/1965 at 13h15, when he was full of flu and made his Unilateral Declaration of Independence speach. So very sorry. Andrew and Irene Roussot and family (South Africa)

It is a great man that can stand tall even in the face of overwhelming adversity. Such a man was our leader, Ian Douglas Smith. Sol Menashe USA

Rhodesia, there was no place like it. We were proud to go to war and fight for our freedom. We loved our leader, we sat on every word he spoke; we believed in him and gladly followed him. To our Honorable Prime Minister, Mr. Ian Smith, thank you for giving us courage and a hope. We hail you as one of the great world leaders of our generation. All of our condolences to the Smith family; you can be proud to own such a great name and such a great heritage. God bless you, Neil and Noline (nee Wakefield) Rhodes (USA)

A rare man of integrity & honesty. A true statesman & leader who will be remembered. Arthur Adams

In memory of Ian Smith - a white man who did more for black people than Zimbabwe's present rulers could concieve of. Ann Curry (nee Knight-Bruce).

A great statesman and Man.I met him as a child and will always remember that as he was a true leader and true Rhodesian.He fought to save the jewel of Africa, but politics intervened.I am always proud to be a Rhodesian by birth Rest in peace because you were right and because you fought the good fight with all your might . With his passing it felt as if it is now the end of the era of Rhodesia.
Maureen and Laurie Bond Wellington, New Zealand

While Mr Smith sat in power, the country as a whole had a great and prospores futer for rhodesians old and futer generations.my condolenses to the smith family.  S. Rainey

o easy to be critical with hindsight! Ian Smith was a most honourable man. Read Jill Baker's "Beloved African" about her father, the great African educator , and you will see that there was no solution to the political question of a universal franchise. Should the vote have been given to the entire Rhodesian population in 1890, in 1930, or in 1965? ............Condolences to Jean, Rob and the extended family........Pete Winhall, Cape Town

Rhodesians will miss this man Ian Douglas Smith, so few of his stature and integrity can be found in this world today, certainly not in the political arena. Inevitable as death is, it comes to all men, what a tremendous legacy he has left behind. I had a number of opportunities to chat with him as he walked his dog along the roads of Alex Park in the late 90's, he always had time to stop and chat - no body guards, no fear, his door was always open. I was serving in the BSAP when he announced UDI, and have been an ardent admirer and respecter ever since. He truly was a man in a million, I have read all of the previous messages, and can only agree with their sentiments. Together with my wife Astrid we pray for his family at this time. We may be living in Scotland now but our hearts are buried in Rhodesia. Thank you for our rich inheritance.   Derek & Astrid Gobbett

A great man who's love for the country and its people was passionate. We shall always have a place for him in our hearts . How he loved to watch us all play rugby at police grounds on many occassions. My sincere condolences to the family .His memories will live on forever.  From The Andre Buitendag & Family ( Concession)

I am an ex Rhodesian now living in Australia who had the privilege of living for twenty odd years in Rhodesia first under Roy Welensky and subsequently Ian Smith. Both were men of great moral stature who in a scantling of time made that country,in my opinion ( and I have travelled the world ) the best I have seen. This was due entirety to these two great men and with thousands of others I will honour their passing Tony Shapley

My condolences to Ian Smith’s family on the passing of a truly great man.  Kevin O’Connor
Phoenix Arizona USA

We met our Prime Minister and were always impressed by his integrity and truthfulness. What a loss to the world and to his family. Condolences to all. From Tony and Felicity Lee in Australia.

The end of a fabulous era, my condolences to the family. Doran Sewell (nee Westhead) now living in Canada

Our heartfelt condolences on the loss of Ian Douglas and the father of Rhodesia. Around the world the amazing commradery of Rhodesians will never die, as will our memories of one of the greatest leaders to set foot on African soil. You will be welcomed by many shamwari's Mr Smith including my own, may peace be with you. Sean McKinney, Riddells Creek, Australia.

I have never been to Rhodesia, but I feel a kinship with it and its people. Southern American people, enduring similar travail, have a great respect for honor...some say because that is all they have left. Over thirty-one years ago, I named my firstborn son, Ian, after Prime Minister Smith....in his honor and with great respect. I wish I could have had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Smith, in person. He was an honorable man...a character trait sorely lacking in today's world. Farewell my friend. You fought the good fight. Your honor is upheld. What more could a man do? We will remember you.
Ron Bartlett

Ian Douglas Smith-a truely fine gentleman. Thanks to him for all he tried to do for our beloved Country. We will always remember him with the utmost respect. Chris and Sandra Szechenyi

To all the family. Thank you so much for the wonderful years that you gave us under your guidance at & during Independence!  You lived a wonderful life & gave so much of yourself to other Rhodesians. Go in peace knowing that you gave of your best for so many both in war & peace. Much love from a very proud Rhodesian family. The Pretorius Clan ex Harare

Not always proud to be a Rhodesian, Ian Douglas Smith, changed some of that for me. He was one of few who encouraged me to pride in Rhodesia. Never rude and uncouth. Not foul mouthed and vile, he encouraged strength. He was one of the few politicians, who was not in politics for himself, but for the country. Though betrayed, he stood erect. Upright in character and principle. Admirable! Betrayed by allies, he advanced still. Betrayed by 'his own countryman' who loved TV and coffee more than country, he endured beyond the best. Betrayed by 'double standard politicians' within the House, he persevered for the rights of all. While many would be driven to bitterness, he rose above it. Disappointed, yes! There were too many odds against us. Not so much those that were external, but those we should have held dear within ourselves: A love of country, but with little appreciation for our vulnerability through a lack of humility [because of]; our overall lack of love for God, and a humble dependence upon Him.

Ian Douglas Smith, an extremely sad and heartrending loss will be fondly remembered with great admiration for a fine example of what a man can be.

Ivan Vivian Poulter

A dignified man, may be long be remembered in the hearts of all.Allan & Colleen Meredith (ex Bulawayo)

Heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of the Honourable Ian Douglas Smith, as well as to our fellow Rhodesians. Hamba gashle our Prime Minister. Jac Joubert and Family in Bulawayo and Leone Joubert and Family in Calgary, Canada

Our condolences to the family of the late Ian Douglas Smith. With admiration for a man of his word.
Margaret Toulson and Kate Schwarz (Canada)

I left Rhodesia in the 80 , I spent a lot of time in the Army (RLI) 8 RR ,my brother was killed in the op area, I saw Ian Smith a lot those years, he was a real man who looked the world right in the eye , he stood till the end.  Condolence Cliff Argent

No words could describe just how good a man and leader of a nation Ian Smith was. He will live in our hearts forever.Our condolences to his family. Sue & John Beringer, Audrey & John Wigzell.

Ian Douglas Smith, a gentleman and one of the few honest politicians the world has known. He was a courageous man, who knew, understood and loved Africa and Africans as no one else did.
On a personal level my memories take me back to: Receptions at State House, Battle of Britain day at Churchill school, his attendance of waterpolo matches the Rhodesian team, captained by my husband, played in the Les Brown. Years later I visited him at his house in Belgravia a few times and we enjoyed a cup of tea and shared memories. The gate was always open with the Datsun standing in the driveway, quite a difference compared to the Cuban Embassy fortress next door. He often told me he received visits from many Africans who wanted to discuss their views and problems with him and who respected him. May he rest in peace. Elisabeth Luchs and family. The Netherlands.

A true gentleman and courageous leader we were so proud of you and our country. The country followed its captain and stood firm against all odds. The Cochrane family Johannesburg.

My the great man who worked tireless to shape the morden Rhodesia rest in eternal peace.It’s a shame to see how the infrastructural development is being put to waste. Mhlangeni Ngungunyane.

My father was the caretaker on Mr Smiths farm in the Selukwe area in the late 60s. When Mr
Smith came home for the weekend he would dress in khakies and veldskoens with a floppy
hat and was a normal Rhodesian farmer.My eldest daughter was still very young and Mr
Smith took great delight in taking her for walks. I also knew both Robert and Alic at Chaplin
and Duthie House where we were all boarders. He was a true Gentleman and one of the last
Statesman in the world. He made Rhodesia great and gave us much to be proud of. Rest in
peace Sir. J. Hepple

To the family of Ian Smith please accept our condolences, he was probably one of the greatest leaders of modern times, courageous, honest and integrity, only to be betrayed by his “friends” R.I P. The Elbers Family

I have no connection whatsoever with Rhodesia, was only two and a half years old when UDI was declared and cannot add much to what has been registered to date, except that neither we nor any subsequent generation will ever again witness a political leader of such integrity, courage, wisdom, humility and compassion. He now dwells safely in the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ.  "When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn. " Proverbs 29:2 Howard Clayton

Ian Smith was a man of conviction. Sad to hear of his passing.Dennis Riley son of the late Jack Riley Provincial Magistrate and Rhodesian Front man

Ian Smith was one of my heroes when I was young. Later in life I had the honour and privilege of meeting him, and family members, several times. This is something which, along with the memories of Rhodesia, I shall cherish for ever. A great man and one of the few politicians who had the wisdom of foresight and the guts to say what he saw. So sad that the world refused to listen. Mike Preston

Our deepest sympathy to the family of Ian Douglas Smith. My Grandfather Arthur Gosling and my Mother Ann Gosling from Selukwe were good friends of the family many years ago. A sad loss to all. Merlyn Davies (Nee Finch) and family (ex Bulawayo)

What a country it was! What a prime minister we had! Upon hearing of Ian Smith's passing away, that important aspect of Rhodesia was immediately lost forever. A huge crater is felt and even a certain sense of insecurity and sadness, which despite the continuation of our wonderful memories for our wonderful old country, a part of what Rhodesia and Ian Smith stood for, have passed on together. Thank goodness for precious memories which last a lifetime.  Elizabeth Yaffe

Goodbye to a truly remarkable person who meant so much to all of us. Knowing the fact that Rhodesians never die, the legacy will always carry on.We may part this world but we will always be remembered for the courage and heroism shown during " Our Struggle".Rest in peace Old Great Warrior Rory Harbinson (formerly from Gwelo)

My family and I wish to express our condolences to Ian Smith's family on this sad occasion
The passing of Ian Smith is a beacon of honour, good faith, and steely determination which sadly has been extinguished. As an ex 2 RR troopie it was an honour to serve him and Rhodesia. Eric Robinson. (ex Redcliff) Lancashire U K.

With deepest sympathy to his family
A man remembered and never forgot
Our brave, respected and much loved Prime Minister
The Johnson family x Rhodesia (Salisbury)

An inspiration to all rhodies, rest in peace Mr. Smith.  Ian

It was a sad day when we heard the news about the death of the great statesman Ian Smith. I was born in an adjacent town to where Ian’s mother was born and married to his father. His heroism in the second world war and his love and service to all the people of Rhodesia will long be remembered – especially by my own family  Thanks for this opportunity, sincerely, George Day (now Canada, formerly Queque).

Ian Smith was a gentleman and our hero. He stood for democracy and peace. Rhodesia, Rhodesians and Ian Smith - what a loss to Africa! Condolences to his family and friends. Joy and Peter Payne and family.

Now, immortal along with Livingstone and Rhodes. The only politician I ever respected.
John Barclay

My sincere condolences to the Smith Family at the loss of Ian D Smith. Ann Wood (nee Glover) Pinetown. RSA

My deepest condolences to the family on the loss of such a wonderful man. He might be gone from this world but not from our hearts. Francine Coelho (nee van Greuning ex Gwelo, Sby & Byo)
South Africa

Mr Ian Smith was a 'hero' in our household. A 'quiet man' with a very powerful voice. I have the photographs of my Mom and Dad and my sister and myself having lunch with Ian and Janet on their farm. The most down to earth yet extraordinary couple. We salute you Mr Smith - in life and death. You will forever be a part of our legacy, and childhood memories of our home in Rhodesia ! I know that if my Mom and Dad were still alive today - they too would have undoubtedly paid tribute to you. From our family to yours with deep affection. Kim Cook (nee Fantetti) Daughter of Nicola and Bets

My deepest sympathy to the Smith Family. I will never forget my childhood having been born and raised in Rhodesia. Memories that will stay with me and be cherished for ever. I wish my children could have had the same privilege. Mr Smith you were a real hero and someone whom I have always admired and respected. RIP – Mary Pitsillis (Pretoria, South Africa).


To the family and fellow friends of Mr Ian Smith, Without trying to sound too familiar I would like to
send you my regards and deepest sympathy. I would also like to tell you about my experience in

I joined the RLI in April 1975;at the time I did not have a clue as to what I was doing there. We were a Kenya family who migrated further south, as one did. The next thing that I knew was that I was on a bed inTraining Troop, 1RLI. It did take some time but in essence I grew to love the country and my companions.I also grew to greatly respect Mr Ian Smith; purely by his leadership.I was in 3 Commando 1RLI for (fortunately) severalyears and so my bond with Rhodesia grew. I met Mr Smith on one or two occasions; partys etc, and I found him to be a most genial man, with a very good sense of humour. I miss him very much as I feel that this marks the end of an era; however some of us never give up.
Nigel(Budgie) Holmes ex Cpl 3 Cdo 1 RLI.

A proud Rhodesian he made us all. A truly great man and gentleman.
With our sincere condolences to the family.
Cecil, Lucia and Tamaryn Grimmer

A great gentleman who led what was a great country, may he rest in peace. I was very fortunate to have met & photographed him on many occasions whilst working as a photographer for the Ministry of Information & Tourism (1974-1981). David Stephenson.

I served you then and would serve you again right now. Yes Sir, you told them so and they should hide in shame for what they have bought about. Thank you for the times you took to meet with me and your words of inspiration. God Bless you and your family. I will miss you dearly and you remain the greatest man I have ever known. Ross E R Parker USA

We were privileged to have recently spent a very interesting morning with Mr Smith at his home in Cape Town. For us it was a very humbling experience to be in the company of a man so sincere and inspiring. Our deepest condolences to the family at the loss of this truly great man. Maurice and Maureen Thal (Cape Town)

Condolences to the Smith family on Ian's passing. He was a man of his word, and was always there for his people. I had the pleasure of meeting him in 1965, and what a "down to earth" person he was. He was much loved by Black and White alike. He ranks with Churchill. Hamba Gashle. From Graham Hargreaves, Jhb. Ex Internal Affairs pilot

To the family of Mr Ian Smith, deepest sympathy. The world is a poorer place, that's for sure. What would have happened if there had been no one to stand for Rhodesia?  An honourable man and true, Mr Ian Smith will be missed. Narelle Henry Sydney Australia

A one-time beacon of hope for the African Continent has been extinguished. The collapse of well-run, well-fed, financially solvent Rhodesia into a third-rate, tin-pot, bog-standard African dictatorship under a superannuated, despotic tyrant, the name of whom I decline to mention, just about says it all. Long after others have been forgotten, including misguided British politicians from Wilson to Thatcher who betrayed this haven of civilisation, the name of Ian Douglas Smith will stand out as a reminder of what might have been. J. Oldham.

Words utterly fail me. No man did more for independence than Ian Smith.  A.C. Buswell IV

Mr Smith, your life is well worth celebrating.
You were our leader of whom we will always be proud.

A statesman of such stature and yet I had the honour, like many, of meeting you on the streets of Salisbury.
You were off to parliament and me to my place of work.
We talked of life and wished each other a wonderful day.
Thank you for the memory.

To have lived in Rhodesia with you and our wonderful nation of people was awesome.
You enabled us to become ‘Rhodesians’ a special people now in many lands.

To Jean, thank you for your care and support of the man we all loved so much.
Rudyard (Dutch) and Cora (nee Gillot) Glass now of New Zealand.

A truly great man who inspired all of us who fought against communism.Jim Brand New Zealand
Anglo Rhodesian Society UK 1968

Am so very proud to be a Rhodesian. Condolences to the Smith family. The one thing no one can take away is the memories. Mark & Sandra Danforth (New Zealand)

To the Smith Family,

To be a descendent of Ian Douglas Smith is a privilege very few people have. You all must be very proud of him.

I myself was lucky enough to have been brought up in Rhodesia and been able to witness the deeds of a remarkable man. A man of great integrity and honesty who stood up for what he believed to be correct.

My heartfelt condolences go out to the whole family

David Gelfand

Thanks to Mr. Ian Smith, I had a wonderful childhood in Rhodesia. Although I had to leave the country to study abroad, I carry with me fond memories of my first 18 years in a wonderful country. So sad to hear a good man has gone on. Sincerely, Debbie (Sheasby) Dutton

How time has proved us right. You stood by us as we died for all we had created. God bless you and all our fondest memories. Paul Howard Turner Broom (Washington, DC. USA)

Ian Smith was a great man. One of the greatest men that has every lived. More importantly he was a great Rhodesian from Rhodesia the greatest country in the World having achieved so much in its short history. Rhodesia would not have achieved as much as it did in such a short time for all its citizens had it not been for Ian Smith. I had the honour of serving Rhodesia and serving Ian Smith and on occasion being partly responsible for his safety and security. A great honour that I will never forget. Howard Perlmutter (Australia)

My Father knew Ian Smith and was always posting letters to
The Bulawayo Chronicle about "Our Kind P.M." I can remember, on
our farm at Nyamandhlovu, how Dad used to pour over the newspaper,
making sure nothing derogatory was being said about "Our Kind P.M."

It was Ian Smith who brought in the ruling of minimum wage
for the African workers and to call him racist was a ridiculous statement.
He cared so deeply for his countrymen, black and white, and fought so
hard for understanding from the so called politicians in the U.K. Yes, we
were sold down the river by British Parliamentarians, by their lies and

History has proved Mr. Smith to be right, yet again, when he
said that the Africans would never be capable of ruling the country in
a thousand years, the same as Enoch Powell with his speech of "Rivers
of Blood."

We live in eternal hope that, come the future, there will be
many more men born with Ian Smith's thinking and foresight. This
great man will be mourned and missed thoughout eternity. Our loss
is God's gain - may he rest in peace, he so deserves to.

Ms. Janet G. Sletcher.

Forever Rhodesian and proud of it.

What a great loss of a great and respected person and family man.. Rhodesians never gave up.
Hazel van der Riet.

IAN SMITH, our hero. A man amongst men and greatly respected. A true Rhodesian. Sincere condolences to all his family members. From Terence and Debra Lendrum

Hamba Kahle Shamwari. A Man among Men.
You, like us, witnessed the ravages of war, stood with Honour and Integrity. You never had a bad word to say, was always kind and respectful, was always a rock for us.
You were the Elephant of Rhodesia.
We salute you. Be in Peace now
"Pamwe Chete"
Fritz Muser

Our deepest sympathies are extended to this wonderful Family and to all the Rhodesians-Black and White, who admired Ian Smith for his perfect Gentlemanly behaviour to all, even at a time when he was the most powerful man in Rhodesia. I was fortunate to meet both Ian and Janet whilst I was employed by Barbours the premier department store and fitted them both with shoes as required.
Michael and Louise Dykins.

I remember a great man, in charge of a wonderful country. World leaders at that time had such small and petty minds. My condolences on your and our loss. Mike Vickers, now in France.

Ian Douglas Smith we salute you!
Your inspiration now lives through us in our children.
"It easy to quit, it takes faith to go through"
Martin and Marilyn Mienie

The last World Statesman. A man of honour and principle who bravely resisted the madness of the century. He will always be remembered. Anthony Barr Ward

The last great colonial. I mourn your passing and salute you.Austin Ikin.

My sympathies to the family. I remember my mother worked for "The Prime Ministers Dept" and every year when Ian Smith and his wife were guests at their Christmas party she would tell me how she had spoken with him and how proud he was of his family. Thank you for governing Rhodesia so that I could have memories of the best years of my life. Elaine Smit (nee Burnett).

A great man. He will always be remembered. Our deepest sympathy.Charmaine Olivier and Martha Steyn

Thankyou Sir. You were the greatest and we can all be proud of our heritage and upbringing in what was the best country ever - Rhodesia. J-P Fourie

It is really sad that Ian Smith is no longer with us, but I feel honoured to have been part of Rhodesia while he was at the helm. He did more for the country than anyone else could have. He will always be part of the memories in all the hearts of Rhodesians all over the world. Carol Stearns (nee Shaw) (Umtali)

My Family and I had the privilege of meeting Ian Smith on a few occasions. A Gentleman who had to take on the world, and in our eyes, won. May your Soul rest in peace. The Mackintosh's, Zimbabwe, South Africa and New Zealand.

All the comments regarding the late Hon Ian Douglas Smith's passing there thoughts and feelings go double for me, a great man has passed on and can never be replaced. Ian Berry  Alberta, Canada

My deepest sympathies to all the family & friends for the loss of one the worlds great leaders. Mike Graham & family

What a wonderful person. Our hero. Ian Smith. I am the person I am today because of your great influence. God Bless you. Patti Schreuder (nee Wilson).

Deepest sympathy on the passing of a great statesman - Charles and Sandy Connolly, New Zealand

Proud to have shared 'God's Own' together. Mark Champion.

Brian Schaller

Memories of Janet bringing sandwiches to the main gate at PMR when we were young Police-men and saluting to Ian Smith when he went on his way to work unescorted with perhaps a back-up vehicle behind him. Condolences to the family from Robert, Kathy, Jason, Wayne & Graeme McDonald in Scotland

If all Politicians were of the same calibre (or even possessed a fraction of your honour and strength).. the whole world would now be a better place. We were proud to be part of of the land we knew as Rhodesia. Roy and Bobby Neep. Leamington Spa. UK

A strong man to lead a strong country...Bless him (RIP) James Aneshansley

To his family our condolences. A man who stood up for what he beleived in until the end. R.I.P.
A. Richards. W. Australia

Without any doubt I can say that to this date my time in Rhodesia marked the finest years of my life. We believed in Ian Smith and his ideals and history proves he was right. He gave us something to fight for being the protection of our fellow citizens regardless of colour against terrorism. While we won the war, due to fear and intimidation we lost the last truly free and fair election Zimbabwe is probably ever likely to see. Having served for eighteen years in the Rhodesian Army, should anyone ask if it was worth it, my answer without reservation would be that I would do it again. With a tinge of jealousy I think of those many friends that lost their lives for what we believed in. Indeed “living THEY were the land and dead THEIR souls shall be her soul”. I salute you all. FOREVER PROUDLY RHODESIAN. Peter Maunder

I had the privilege of graduating with my first law degree at the University of Port Elizabeth in 1978 at the same time as my university conferred upon Ian Smith an honorary doctorate in law in recognition for his outstanding leadership of his Rhodesian people. My parents, Freddie & Koer Smith, farmers from Odzi, were there and he made sure that we shared special moments together despite all the pomp and ceremony. Our sincere condolences to the family of a great man. What an incredible honour to have known “Smithy” ! Erick & Mary-Ann( nee Stevens – Gwelo) Smith

As an ex-member of the BSAP, I remember doing guard duty at your home in Salisbury, and you coming home, and taking the time to stop at the gate and ask me how I was doing? You were a great man, who did a great job in a hard world. You have fought the good fight and now it is time to rest. I will always remember you and the achievements that you accomplished. You made me proud to be a Rhodesian. God bless you. Fred Brownbill, Clearwater, Florida. USA.

Such a sad loss not only to his family but to the world, God bless you. Sue (Olive) and family

Sincere condolences, Tom Moore ex-BSAP, Isle of Wight, UK

an Douglas Smith was one of a kind and a great leader with a lasting vision, i was very proud to have served for him and country.Tony Mccabe.

There are no words that can adequately express my sadness. Ian Douglas Smith was that rarest of breeds:- an honest, straight, sincere politician, a true gentleman and a man of his word. What a shame that he was only one amongst many that were not. Please pass on my sincere condolences to the family. I am so grateful for the privilege to have been brought up in Rhodesia, a land that will remain in my heart forever. Joan Mitchell ex Salisbury now of Sydney Australia.

He lived his life with dignity, fought with courage and lead with passion. In doing so he united a nation and provided a role model to which we Rhodesians aspire; truth, honesty, dignity and courage. A gentleman to the last. Thank you Sir! Gail Gadd (nee Cain)

Great leader, great man, great all. I am sorry I did not meet Mr Smith more often! Gone but not forgotten – ever!! Simon Hawgood

Ian Douglas Smith was a man among men who stood tall for all Rhodesians no matter their race or ethnicity. He was a man much needed for the times he influenced and a person whose touch will be felt for many years yet to come. He loved the land and the people and will be sorely missed by both. My sincerest sympathy for your loss.Kenneth E. Shawver

Truly a Man among Men, A great leader who inspired the
utmost loyalty towards our country and what we were doing
for it. He was so right.

Rest in Peace - Our best wishes to your family.

Will Family

Mr Ian Smith, You were a legend to all of us Rhodies. Sincere sadness to the Ian Smith family and friends. Andre Oosthuizen

My condolenses to all of you. Mr. Smith was a truly wonderful man that did so much for Rhodesia. What a sad day when he stopped "reigning" our beloved country. We will cherish our memories of him and that beautiful country for ever. Pam van den Berg (Durban SA).

Condolences to the family. A great and irreplaceable loss to us all - Ne'er shall we see his likes again. Possibly the last honest politician? Colin Slessor  (8303 - BSAP)

I was born in Gwelo in 1975, grew up in a wondrous place called Rhodesia. My dad was in the BSAP & my mother was in the Rhodesian Airforce. My dad had the honour of meeting Ian Smith on a couple of occasions and what he remembered most about Ian was his humbleness. He often said that there was none of the lofty attitude that seems to accompany other heads of state. Ian was so loved & cherished by his people because he never forgot that he was one of his people. Sadly, my dad passed away in 2000, also in Cape Town and I know, like Ian, he was saddened to see what was happening to his beloved land. I always grew up knowing from whence I came, of my proud heritage and people. We may be spread all over the place but we are still Rhodesia and Ian was instrumental in creating this through his remarkable leadership. I know that some very harsh and derogatory things have been said about him by people who dont know better but we all know the truth about him, it will never change. I have two daughters now, they too will grow up knowing of their heritage and one day, they will go and see this land. This is your legacy Ian, the blood of Rhodesia will stay strong. Thank you for all that you have done for us. My sincerest condolences to your family. Debbie Wilson (Daughter to the late William "Bill" Wilson)

To the Smith Family. Our deepest and sincere condolences on the passing of a great man. You will be missed by all Rhodies world wide. From the Griffiths family ex Selukwe. Debra Griffiths

Thank you Sir for the heritage you have given us. Condolences to the family. Shiann, Deon and John F.

We will never forget you! From Mel and Toni Powell-Rees (now living in the UK)

Condolences to the family. Thank you for the best years of my life! Tina Burger ( vd Spuy )

To a great man who will be remembered for a long time. Henry Scotcher

From the Filer family. I hope that my mother Lynda is once again taking Mr Smith's letters...she was his private secretary for several years, and helped with his memoirs.  Our great respects to him, and it was an honour to know you Sir. Carole, Robin, and Paul Filer.

We had a saying as children (early 70's) "OHMS" which was "Our Hero Mr. Smith" Rest in peace. Brian & Maria Austin.

Our very sincere condolences to you all. The sadness we feel is as one feels at the loss of a father so how much greater must yours be? We all loved and respected the great man. Will always be proud “Rhodies”. FRANK & LESLEY AGAR South Africa (ex Salisbury, Bulawayo, Sinoia, Fort Vic, Chipinga, Rusape in fact almost every town in Rhodesia). Best regards, Lesley Agar

He showed us the way to follow in the pursuit of justice for all .The irrefutable logic holds fast that there can be no freedom or democracy without justice which is the lynch pin of all the freedoms.
Robin and Jill Hartley

Our sincere condolences on the loss of such a great man, fondly remembered by all Rhodesian. An amazing man who held his head high among kings but walked amongst the common herd.

Our father John Love was privileged to have met him personally and the most memorable occasion was at one of the motor racing meetings at the Bulawayo Falls Race Track. After winning the 3 hour, Ian Smith congratulated my dad who then offered him a ride in his sports car. Without a second thought he climbed in and they roared off together leaving his bodyguards behind scrambling to find a car to follow him. Unfortunately they ran out of petrol half way around the track, Ian Smith never batted an eyelid as the crowd swamped the track offering him a beer all just wanting to get a closer look or a chance to talk to him. He never had to fear for his safety as they all loved and admired him.

I am sure we all have shed a tear for a man in a million Royce & Judy Love

My father learned to fly in Rhodesia during WW2 and I came from UK to join your Army in 1974. I am very proud to have served you - Britain betrayed you and the state today of what was one of the most perfect places in the world reflects that. RIP "Smithy". Roger Kendrick Ex Rhodesian Staff Corps, France

I had the great privilige of serving in the Air Force under Ian Smith. I also met him on occasion. A Great and charismatic leader. Rest in Peace. Nigel Clarke

Dear Jean and all the family. Glad you were able to share your father with us – will always cherish the memories. Thinking of you all. Love. Jenny & Jon Buxton

Appreciate you all posting the following condolences as he was my grandmothers idol.
Many thanks, Gavronsky family Texas USA (originally from Gatooma Rhodesia)

“Smittie ! such a marvelous man”” May g-d bless you from Gavronsky and Pogrund families.

I worked as a photographer for the Rhodesian Ministry of Information & Tourism from 1974-1980 & had the pleasure of accompanying Ian Smith to many public functions all over the wonderful country. My wife, Penny had the honour to be introduced to Ian Smith @ at Government House Garden Party. Our thoughts are with his family. May a great man rest in peace. David & Penny Stephenson

I am a great admirer of Ian Smith. He visited my
school in Bulawayo (Townsend) when I was in Lower
Sixth. I now live in Utah in the USA.
Condolences to the family of a great man.

Rina Flanagan.

Rhodesians Never Die! We respected and loved you. Mr.Smith you will live on in our
hearts and minds. Our sincere condolences to all the family, we were greatly saddened by
your great loss. May God bless and comfort you! The Wolhuter Family ex Marandellas

Most sincere condolences to all memebrs of the Ian Douglas Smith family at the passing away of Ian our primeminister.

To steal a phrase of the MOTH, "At the setting of the sun and in the evening we shall remember him."

History only remembers their great long after they have died. Be that Nelson, Da Vinci, Rhodes, Winston Churchill e.a. Now Ian Douglas Smith, can take his rigfhtful place among them, and he will be remembered long after Harold Wilson and his perfidious international community have long been forgotten.

He warned what would happen to Rhodesia, as well as to Africa as a whole, and had the courage to battle against it, but none so deaf as those who do not want to hear.

Now the world waffles, twists and turns but does not know how to clear up their self inflicted mess.

We, and history with us, shall remember Ian Smith as a great man with vision, a man great enough to call a halt in order to save, not in order to surrender.

We remain Rhodesians wherever fate has forced us to go, and we shall remember him as a courageous and shining example of integrity.

Jan en Dini Riphagen.(Netherlands)
(ex Gwanda, Shabani and Bulawayo)

A great tragedy, will be missed by all. Condolences to Janet Smith and family – Richard Cooley (ex Shabani)

My father was fortunate to have met Ian Smith during the difficult days of the second world war, and would often recount what an honourable man he was, my father was so proud that he had new him, and I am proud to say that I too was fortunate to have met him, and to have served him and Rhodesia. Truly a Man of Worth, may he Rest in Peace.Chris Ptaszynski

One man realised a dream for so many, May all Rhodesians keep that dream in our hearts, deads and actions. Nicola (Cockerill) Shaw. Eiffel Flats/ Salisbury

I am happy I went to live in Rhodesia together with the opportunity to meet the P.M.
I always thought of him as a honest, kind person who did his best for the country of
his birth. The chance to meet a politician who dedicated his life to the people rarely happens.
I know he will now be with The Lord and I know this will be of comfort to his loved ones. Peter Biddulph B.S.A.P. 7211 now of Maidstone, Kent, United Kingdom.

My sincere condolences to the family of Mr. Ian Douglas Smith!
Yours truly David Solc  (Prague)

Condolences to the Smith family. Ian Smith was a great man. It is a shame the world would not even try to listen to him Colin John ex BSAP 6994 and family in Queensland Australia

I shook his hand when he visited our school out in the bush at Bulawayo, Essexvale, Falcon College, back in 1963 or 1965. He was a great guy. Regards Alan Cornish

In memory of a man who passed knowing he was right, a man who gave us something to fight and live for - Go with pride Madala.Lesley and Konrad Strasser (U.K.) Erie and Elsie Mitchell (U.K)Dean, Rachel and Gian Strasser (New Zealand)

It was an honour to twice shake the hand of Ian Smith. In him was embodied all the heart of Rhodesia. He represented a life we all enjoyed as free Rhodesians living in the land we loved and now miss. May all his family and friends find comfort in the knowledge that Ian Smith united a people that will never be divided no matter where they live. Long live the spirit of IAN SMITH - Boet & Greta de Bruyn and family

My sincere condolences to the family. He was a great man and a great leader of a very proud nation. He will be missed, may he rest in peace. Kind Regards, Jo Daniels


I will always remember when Ian Smith made an announcement or spoke on TV, we all used to sit with tears in our eyes and our chests bursting with pride and patriotism. What wonderful close times they were. Thank you for that. Lyn & Chris Botha

Our condolences to the family.Ian was a true Son of Rhodesia
Trevor & Thora Hoines

Our deepest sympathies and sincere condolences to the family.A quiet and
honourable gentleman,born leader and of undoubted integrity.He will be sadly
missed,but never forgotten.
Peter & Sarah Curtis,and Family.

My sincere condolences to the Smith family. Sir we fought for you and for our country, you will always be our greatest hero.Don Williams ex Salisbury – Bath UK

" Bayete " N'kos
Hamba Gashle

Muser and St Just Family
USA and Canada

While I am a young man of 23 and have no remembrance of Rhodesia I am a student of history. It is with great sadness that I found that this great man Ian Douglas Smith had passed on to the place where great past men as Churchill, Reagan and where in the end we will all go have gone. He to me, was a great man who loved his family, his country and all of its people no matter what color they maybe. Ian Smith received the raw end of the stick from my country and all the world. He stood up against totalitarianism abroad and at home as well. MAY GOD BLESS IAN DOUGLAS SMITH AND RHODESIA, may one day this world see him as we all see him as a man of pride, principles and no matter what with the duty to put the lives of his people and their well being first and foremost.J. D. Delgado NYC, USA.

We lived in a wonderful country thanks to Mr. Ian Douglas Smith , you will be sorley missed . Condolences to his Family and Friends . May he rest in peace . Piet and Avril Vermaak , Vanderbijlpark , Souh Africa

A great man sadly mis-understood by the world. Left to his own devices, he would have created a great country, instead of the mess it is today. Nigel Sweeney.

I met Mr Smith when he came to London to promote his book at the Royal Airforce Club in London, I introduced myself to him and told him that I had served with RLI. He said to me, "They can never take away from you that you were once Rhodesian." He will be sadly missed by all. Tony Tydings

I am really sorry for your great loss of a great father. I loved him dearly as though I knew him personally but never had the opportunity to meet him face to face. As a child he was the love of my life and I held onto his every word. An boy could he answer a question to the press without even answering them. He was the greatest. He will be missed by all the' Father of Rhodesia' Our hero. Rest in peace with your loving wife. Safe in the arms of Jesus. FromHelen Shawe nee Rose from South Africa.

My deepest condolences to the family at the loss of a truly great man. We left our homeland in 1985 and as far as we are concerned, Mr Ian Smith was a man who had the courage of his convictions and stood firm in spite of international pressure, a man of integrity and with vision.Costa Geravelis Athens Greece

The name ‘Ian Smith’ stirs long forgotten pride in all Rhodesians.Peter Wessels (Australia)

The world was left a better place having had such a man in it. Our lives were all changed during those years and we all became stronger and more resilient, better able to make a success of your future. Tim and Jeni Webb

I stood with an open mouth the other day when my 20 year old nephew claimed he didn’t know who Ian Smith was, or that a war had been fought in Rhodesia all those years ago. Needless to say that I will be educating him, about the strength of the man who led our country for all those years, and all the young men who died protecting us all.  May Mr Ian Smith rest in peace; you are remembered by many. Craig Howell, Cape Town.

Proud to have been in his Department and proud to have been asked to translate for the PM when Portuguese was required .. Ian and Marie Davidson

My sincere condolences to the family. I had the privelage to know Mr Smith through my Dad (Air Marshall Mick McLaren) and he was truly an inspiration to me. If it were not for him my childhood would not have been so wonderful. I am truly honoured to be a Rhodesian and I thank Mr Smith for being the great man that he was. Rhodesia was the most wonderful place on earth and I will cherish my memories of Her and Her Leader. Rest in peace Sir and know that we will love and miss you forever. Shirley Mclaren (Cape Town)

A true man, polititions of nowadays would do well to try and emulate him. Phil Smith

A great man has passed away and the world is a colder place. I had the great fortune to meet him personaly and preserve the memory as one of the greatest in my life. A sad loss to the family. Harold Sigurdsson, ex. S/sgt. 6.Indep. Coy. Rhodesian army. Now living in Iceland.

We salute you, sir! The most honest and sensible politician in the history of African politics. Pankhurst family (London)

I cried the day that dreadful news was announced, I cry still. To touch the hearts of all RHODESIANS the way you did that we still weep for you 3 decades after the fact is a true testimony of your greatness. What an amazing man and leader you
were. I know that I speak for all in saying we loved you then and we love you still. The memories
will remain and I know that all our lads that went on before were standing at the ready, proudly waiting to salute thier President and welcome you to your new home. Captain, my Captain. I salute you! Thank you. Joey Van Wyk. RSA

IDS took the helm when Rhodesia needed it most. No man could have done more to avoid the disaster that he predicted. Mike and Pat Jesson

To the family of our IAN DOUGLAS SMITH

We send condolences for the most fantastic, memorable man of our time. We admired him so much, especially his principles and faith. A great man is sorely missed. God Bless our Beloved Country - Rhodesia - And our adopted Bleoved Country - South Africa.

Denise & Gerrie Odendaal ex Salisbury Chatsworth, Fort Victoria

I am a former history teacher with no connection at all to Rhodesia. I have been studying the issue and the life of Mr. Smith since I read the news report of his passing. All I can say is, I have added Ian Smith to the list of great men I admire, and to whose example I turn to for strength: George Washington, Robert E. Lee, Winston Churchill and my own father of course. If I ever teacher history again, I will be sure to have Mr. Smith's picture on my billboard of "great statesmen".John E. Marcucci Nebraska;

Mr Smith, My condolences to Africa’s last great Prime Minister! Cyril McKop United Kingdom

To Jean and family. i will never foget the good times;and all the hard work Ian did for me (anonymous)

Your contributions to the well being of the country then,will always be remembered.  Kesias Mashego


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