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February 2007

The photographs shown here are still's from Rhodesian Spotlight Newsreel. Provided courtesy of The new Rhodesian Broadcasting Corporation.

March 2007. When we sent this challenge out last month it was something of a trick question. The question was based on Rhodesian Spotlight Newsreel No. 41 (which can be viewed at, which reports the inaugural flight of the service to London in 1956. The plane was a Vickers Viscount, the stops were at Wadi Halfa, Benghazi and Rome and the journey took 23 hours.

However, the first service took place in April 1953 using a Vickers Viking Aircraft, with several stops along the way it too 4 days to get there. More details on this flight and Central African Airways can be found at

We had a number of varying answers, from the Vimy Bomber in 1923, through the Air Zimbabwe in 1980. For all those who participated, a special thank you.

The winners are: Faye Clarke, Neil Gaunt, Gordon Euniton, Tony & Polly Ward, Bob Truman and Vick & Lynne Sherwood. They will be receiving a copy of our new DVD Rhodesian Rendezvous as their prize.

As of right now the people in the photographs remain unknown - can anyone still identify them?




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The results will be announced in our next newsletter.

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