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The photographs shown here are still's from an old home movie. Provided courtesy of The new Rhodesian Broadcasting Corporation.

We had an overwhelming response to our request to identify the bridge and participants. There were just too many emails for us to respond personally to every one, so please do not be offended if we never replied to you. I think we had just about every bridge in Rhodesia named at one point or another.

The answer: The bridge is the Otto Beit Bridge over the Zambezi at Chirundu. The ceremony in picture is the opening ceremony which was held on the 24th of May 1939. The lady cutting the ribbon is Lillian Beit (widow of Otto). The men in the white uniforms are the Governors of Northern Rhodesia (John Alexander Maybin) and Southern Rhodesia (Sir Herbert James Stanley). Thanks to Hayley King, who wins a DVD!

Winners of the DVD are: Grant Berry (Australia), Spencer Pier (UK), Brian Taylor (UK), Peter Walker (South Africa), Howard Kramer (New Zealand) and Hayley King. Many thanks to all the others who supplied information on it. We only wish we could give everyone a prize.

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Bridgefro air

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