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There were, and are, many beautiful corners of Rhodesia. One of the most striking that I remember was the Chilojo (Clarendon) Cliffs on the Lundi River. These cliffs tower over the river bed as it sweeps through the South Eastern part of the Gona-Re-Zhou National Park near the Mozambique Border. It was an isolated and inaccessible place at the best of times, but during the war it's only visitors were the combatants on both sides.

I was stationed at Chiredzi and one weekend we took off in the Police Land Rover and Isuzu Truck and went fishing for a weekend under the cliffs. They were everything that I had been told and then some.

Legend has it that there is a lost city on the plateau above the cliffs and that Arab Dhows anchored at their base on trading missions. True, false - who knows, but they remain a place of striking grandeur and mystery, even today.

What are some of the places that you remember - off or on the beaten track? Mana Pools? The shores of Kariba? The semi-desert regions on the Western Border? Please share them with us.

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Share with us, and others in the Rhodesian Community some of your memories of place in Rhodesia that you remember best.

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The response to the first book of Rhodesian Memories has been great. Due to popular demand we now want to start compiling the second in the series.

We would like to encourage anyone who has a story, memory or other item that would help keep the memory alive to contact us for further details.

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