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The Montclaire Hotel at Inyanga was originally built as a family hotel in April 1949.  Back then hotels didn't really cater for children and so this became a prime factor for this hotel.

Kay Cuttler now lives in South Africa, but she tells the story of how her father but tells how her father built the Hotel and originally named it after her and her sister.  She was the Kay in the DannaKay Hotel.   And it was known until it changed it's name.

During the construction all the bricks were made on site with a small brick making machine that could only make two at a time. Sand was hauled by her mother from the Inyangombi River.  The African staff were first trained in construction and then in the hotel business.

The Montclaire Hotel, as it later became, was one of those very special Rhodesian Hotels that were to be found the length and breadth of the country.  Each one offering hospitality and a friendly and relaxing atmosphere.

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Do you have some fond memories of your favorite Rhodesian Hotel?  

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How many hotels can you remember?

The Gwaai River Hotel on the way to The Falls.
Jamaica Inn
Mermaids Pool
Hunyani Hills for Sunday Tea
The Rhino Hotel or the Lion & Elephant on the way to Beitbridge.
Great Zimbabwe Hotel
Sheppards Hotel
Glen Livet
Victoria Hotel

Every town and village seemed to have one and each one was unique.   Boy, just thinking about them makes me nostalgic.  Whether it was the Victoria Falls Hotel or Tambuti Lodge in Chiredzi, in between was a wonderful piece of Rhodesiana - the hotel business Rhodesian style.


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The response to the first book of Rhodesian Memories has been great. Due to popular demand we now want to start compiling the second in the series.

We would like to encourage anyone who has a story, memory or other item that would help keep the memory alive to contact us for further details.

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