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November 11, 1965 - the day that changed the face of a nation and the world.   For the first time in almost 200 years, a nation took it's own affairs into it's hands and declared it's independence.

Whether that decision was right or wrong is being decided by history, with no clear winners on either side.  But it happened and the world was never the same. For the next 15 years Rhodesia dominated the world political scene and gave moire than a few headaches to successive British Governments.

Looking back to those days and beyond, Rhodesia was a microcosm in time and history.  A "bubble", if you will, of a way of life that will probably never be seen again on the world stage.

In our daily dealings we are seeing a fondness of memory for day gone past.  I stop short of saying there is a mythology being built, but there is a touch romanticism for a people and country that defied the world.  In a way it is personified by the recent portrayal by Leonardo De Caprio in The Blood Diamond, where he proudly states "I am a Rhodesian".

To me there is an easily made comparison to Camelot - the idealistic home of King Arthur, which in it's heyday was the standard for other countries, but was brought down by them.

There is a developing thought in the world-wide Rhodesian Community, as we remember the days gone by, of an African Camelot - a place where the sun shone, where good things happened, where a standard was raised that other countries around could not emulate but could only seek to bring down.

Just a thought !



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The response to the first book of Rhodesian Memories has been great. Due to popular demand we now want to start compiling the second in the series.

We would like to encourage anyone who has a story, memory or other item that would help keep the memory alive to contact us for further details.

Thank you

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Ian & Janet Smith



At least we had food back then.

The following two photographs came across our desk recently and (with apologies to whoever originally sent them) here they are.  The difference between 1981 and 2007.  Can you tell which is which?



So what was wrong with Camelot?

Southern Cross

Some may watch the Southern Cross
Set stars in the Southern sky
But few that trace their circular course
Or mark how true their daily fly.

Faithful to each hour by night
A guide for every wandering soul
Comforting in its kindly sight
It shows the circle that points the pole.

Free on its circuit born by scared will
The faithful pointers trail there’s certain round
An everlasting duty to fulfill
On some appointed mission bound.

The Southern Cross on it’s circular course
Sets out some worldly plan
The powers that guide will sure decide
The destiny of living man.

A pleasing sight these stars by night
I’ve found in them a comfort little known
On lonely tramp in my quiet camp
Away from all I love and own.

Sunday 18-3-1919 – Silverside camp
Jack Carruthers


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