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See The Daily Mail article.

We were overwhelmed by emails in response to the challenge we threw out to identify the boy in the picture. A thank you to everyone who wrote.

The boy is identified as Mike Condy, currently living in Johannesburg, whose father was the Government Vet at the time of Operation Noah.

The winners of the competition were Tony Mitchell in the UK and Jill Tiffin also of the UK. A copy of the DVD Operation Noah is theirs. Well done.

We had many wonderful personal stories from people who were involved in some way or another with Operation Noah and Kariba and The Valley at the time. These will eventually find their way into Volume 2 of Rhodesian Memories book to be published in 2007.

One did grab our attention though:

What a wonderful photograph…..I only wish that there could be more “innocent” news / incidents / issues that would actually warm the heart rather than make one dread or groan….well done, I wish I knew who the boy was but I don’t – I was compelled to write to you however as I think it would be great to be able to focus on something positive, innocent, happy and frankly naïve…..good for you. Michael Brooks, USA.

It struck us particularly about the good memories from Rhodesia when the country was not torn with war and destruction. It is a challenge to us to remind people of those great times.

Operation Noah and The Kariba Story itself and tales of great ventures done by Rhodesians, feats not accomplished anywhere else before that time.

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