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Testing your knowledge of Rhodesian History Trivia.

How much do you know, what do you know about Rhodesia and it's History? Take the Memories of Rhodesia Trivia Challenge and see if you really know what you think you do!

MARCH 2007

Answer the following questions successfully and you will win the DVD of your choice.

  1. What and where is "Boggies Clock"
  2. Which hotel had a red carpet on the sidewalk?
  3. What was the other name of Lord Malvern?
  4. Name the first four Forts (in order) established by the Pioneer Column
  5. Where is Leander Starr Jameson buried?
  6. When did Lake Kyle first overflow?
  7. On what river are the Clarendon Cliffs?
  8. Name one natural lake/body of water (other than a river) in Rhodesia
  9. Who was the first white man to see The Zimbabwe Ruins?
  10. Who was the first white man to see The Victoria Falls?
  11. What was the name of the Hotel on the Lundi River between Ft. Vic & Beit Bridge?
  12. When did Rhodesia become a Republic?
  13. What fruit is most associated with Harold Wilson
  14. Give three names that Salisbury was known as.

Just send us an email at with your name and the answers. The first six correct answers will a DVD of their choice. Winners will be announced in our next newsletter.

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Enjoy !!

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