Memories of Rhodesia


Testing your knowledge of Rhodesian History Trivia.

How much do you know, what do you know about Rhodesia and it's History? Take the Memories of Rhodesia Trivia Challenge and see if you really know what you think you do!

January 2007. RUPERT THE RHINO

February 2007: AIR RHODESIA - see the photographs, find out the details on Rhodesia's first commercial service to London.

March 2007: Check the ANSWERS & WINNER .....

APRIL 2007: Check the ANSWERS & WINNERS ...

AUGUST 2007Play now and see how much you know ...

OCTOBER 2007Unusual Memories and more

OCTOBER 2007Can you identify these men ??

DECEMBER 2007Ian Douglas Smith - read the Condolence Book,

FEBRUARY 2008Early Bulawayo Days

JUNE 2008Early Salisbury Days

SEPTEMBER 2008Who are they and where are they now?

OCTOBER 2008:  Around Rhodesia - identify the places.

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