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This month's Trivia consists of two parts; First, identify the photographs, Second answer the questions.

This months focus is on the early days of Bulawayo.



Photo 3


How many of the answers do you know?

  1. What was the "poodle" lion?
  2. What was the date the BSAC captured Bulawayo in 1893?
  3. What words are the Matabele reported to have used after their defeat of The Shangani Patrol?
  4. Who was the American Scout who survived the Shangani Patrol?
  5. Who was the first woman member and deputy mayor of Bulawayo council?
  6. Where exactly was the Rudd Concession signed (we need the specific name)
  7. When was the first expedition to Northern Rhodesia.  Name some of the participants.
  8. When was the Bulawayo Golf Club first formed?
  9. When was the first rugby cup match in Bulawayo, name the teams and the score ?


Do you know the words to "Onward Chartered Soldiers" (First published 1894, sung to the tune of Onward Christian Soldiers)

The winners of this months Trivia will get a copy of our DVD Land of Legend.

And the answers are  ......


  1. (Right hand photo) The hosting of the BSAC Flag on the capture of Bulawayo
  2. (Middle photo) The Missionary's Tree on the Inyati Road, which was used a camp site by Robert Moffatt and others.
  3. (Left hand photo) The initials are those of those of Col. Boggie who carved them there when he camped under it in 1888.


  1. The Poodle Lion was the first thing to sit atop the Rebellion memorial on Main Street and was taken down after complaints it looked more like a poodle. It was replaced with the field gun.
  2. November 4, 1893
  3. "Neither the bodies nor the possessions of these white warriors shall be touched. They were men of men and their fathers were men before them. I say to you, beside these, the warriors of the Matabele are as timid girls." Alexander Fullerton - The White Men Sang.
  4. Frederick Russell Burnham.
  5. Mrs. G. F. Redrup
  6. Umvutcha Kraal, a mile from the Umgusa River Drift on the old Shiloh Road. (became Umvutcha Farm).
  7. 1899 and Fred Crewe, George Grey and a Mr. Farquahar and about 20 African Policemen. (Have the photo to prove it too!)
  8. Bulawayo Golf Club was formed January 24, 1895.
  9. he first Rugby was Queens versus the M.M.P. on July 20, 1895. Police lost 9 to 3.


"Onwards Chartered Soldiers" - sung to the tune of "Onward Christian Soldiers":

Onward Chartered Soldiers, on to heathen lands,
Prayer books in your pockets, rifles in your hands.
Take the florious tidings where trade can be done,
Spread the peaceful gospel --- with a Maxim gun.

Tell the wretched natives, sinful are their hearts,
Turn their heathen temples into spirit marts.
And if to your teaching they will not succumb,
Give them another sermon with the Maxim gun...

Tell them they are pagans in black error sunk;
Make of them good Christians - that is, make then drunk.
And if on the Bible they still dare to frown
You must do your duty; take and shoot them down

When the Ten Commandments they quite understand,
You their Chief must hocus, and annex their land;
And if they misguided call you to account,
Give them another sermon --- with a Maxim from the Mount.

And the winner is ......

Dave Sloman in Johannesburg.


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