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This month's Trivia consists of two parts; First, identify the photographs, Second answer the questions.



Here's the challenge.

Can you name these two statues and tell us where they were located?



How many of the answers do you know?

  1. What is the area of the country (in Square Kilometers)
  2. How high is Inyangani (in meters)
  3. Where and when did the first airplane land in Rhodesia. What type was it?
  4. Name the two Matabele Induanas who visited Queen Victoria in 1889
  5. Where is Bambata Cave?
  6. Where are The Bangara Falls?
  7. What is a Finfoot?
  8. What was the largest Gold Producing Mine (in 1973)?
  9. What and where is Kyanite?
  10. Where did the Hlengwe Tribe live?
  11. When and who founded Melsetter. What is its altitude (in meters)?
  12. When were strip road started?
  13. Name the 6 Governors between 1923 and 1965
  14. Who was the first Federal Prime Minister?
  15. What was the Humbug Concession?

The winners of this months Trivia will get a copy of our DVD The Kariba Story.


A special note: We used The Encyclopedia Rhodesia for our questions and answers. Whilst some have used other sources, we rely on this work for the answers (page numbers are quoted for easy reference):

The photographs are:

  1. Gold Miner, in the Que Que Town Hall, commemorates the finding of gold at the the site of the Globe & Phoenix Mine. (Page 140)
  2. Physical Energy, presented by the City of Lusaka to the City of Salisbury in 1964, standing outside the Civic Center, Salisbury (page 342)

The Answers are:

  1. 390,757 square kilometers (page 26)
  2. 2,954.8 meters (page 185)
  3. Vickers Vimy Bomber, landed Bulawayo March 5, 1920(Page 30)
  4. Babyaan & Mtshetde, visited Queen Victoria in 1889 (Page 33)
  5. Bambata Cave is in the Matobo Hills, 67 Km south of Bulawayo (Page 35)
  6. Bangara Falls are 6 km downstream from Bangala Dam on the Mtilikwe River (Page 36)
  7. A Finfoot is a medium sized water bird found in thick bush near quiet streams (Page 131)
  8. Dalny Mine in the Gatooma District, founded in 1908. (Page 103)
  9. Kyanite is an alluminum silicate found in the Mount Darwin & Miami Districts. (Page 203)
  10. The Hlengwe (also known as Lenege or Bahlengwe) live in the Chibi and Zaka Districts (Page 170)
  11. Melsetter was founded by Thomas Moodie in 1892 and is 1,554 meters above seas level (Page 235)
  12. Strip roads were first conceived in 1930 and construction started in 1933 (Page 345-346)
  13. There were 8 Governors all told: Chancellor, Rodwell, Stanley, Baring, Tait, Kennedy, Powlett & Gibbs.
  14. The first Federal PM was Sir Godfrey Huggins.
  15. The Humbug Concession was the Concession granted by Lobengula to Edward Lippert, which Rhodes called "Humbug", but still ended up paying £30,000 plus 15,000 BSAC Shares to obtain it from Lippert (Page 175)


  1. Bruce Berry, South Africa
  2. Howard Sellick
  3. Roy Telfer, Canada
  4. R.F. Truman, UK
  5. Victor Murray, Australia.

To everyone else who participated, who came close but sadly to say, not close enough - thank you.

Watch out for next month's Trivia.

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