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JUNE 2008

This months focus is on the early days of Salisbury.


How many of the answers do you know?

  1. How many of the Pioneer Column became farmers and not Prospectors when the Column was first disbanded?
  2. What was the name of the Farm that later became the Highlands area?
  3. How or for whom was Mabelreign named?
  4. Epworth was named after an English Village where ......... was born?
  5. In what years were the first Jacaranda seeds planted?
  6. On what date did the Railway reach Salisbury?
  7. Where and when was the first cricket match held.
  8. Who was the first Mayor and when was he elected?
  9. How did the "Paper House" derive its name ?


How many original farms were there and what were their original names?

The winners of this months Trivia will get a copy of our DVD Land of Rhodes.

And the answers are  ......

  1. Only 13.
  2. The Nursery
  3. Miss Mabel Mann, fiancee of a surveyor named  Swatheral who laid claim to the land despite the fact that someone else already held title.
  4. The Lincolnshire village of Epworth, birthplace of John & Charles Wesley, founders of the Methodist Church.
  5. 1899 by a Mr. Holland who brought them from Durban.
  6. May 1, 1899
  7. Fort Salisbury, October 12, 1890
  8. Ernest Fairbridge, elected December 1, 1897
  9. The "Paper House" was constructed from papier mache over board on a wooden frame.  It was imported for Dr. Jameson and later became a nursing home.

BONUS: There were 15 original farms.  Their names were: Avondale, Spring Valley Ranch also known as Mabelreign, Mount Pleasant, Prospect, B.S.A. Company's Reserve, Hatfield, Epworth, Rietfontein, Borrowdale, Hillside, Greendale, The Nursery, Warren, Lochinvar and Willowvale.

Questions and answers were taken from "The First Ten Years", a limited edition production covering the first ten years of Rhodesia.

And the winners are ......   NO ONE !    That's right, it was too difficult for even the hardiest historian.

Bettr luck on the next one.


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