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This month's Trivia consists of two parts; First, identify the photographs, Second answer the questions.



Here's the challenge.

Can you name the subject of the two photographs?



How many of the answers do you know?

  1. Where is the Ramaquabane River?
  2. Where/were are the Waremba Tribe located?
  3. What was the subject of The Packard Report & what year was it?
  4. Who founded Triangle Estates?
  5. What was the Tati Concession?
  6. How did Providential Pass get its name?
  7. What is the significance of the Tuli Circle?
  8. What was the best beer in the land?

The winners of this months Trivia will get a copy of our DVD Land of Legend.

And the answers are:

  1. The Photos are of the Masked Weaver Bird and Bulawayo.
  2. Matabeleland.  Starts near Plumtree and is 130 Km long, joining the Shashi River
  3. Belingwe
  4. Conditions within the .B.S.A. Police.  1962
  5. Murray McDougall
  6. Concession granted by Lobengula in 1880 for the Tati Goldfields.
  7. Selous considered the discovery of the Pass to be Providential as it allowed the Pioneer Column to leave the Lowveld.
  8. A number of explanations; an area demarcated to prevent cattle infection.   Rhodes's Hunting Preserve and more.   The general agreement being to present cattle infection.
  9. Without a doubt - Lion Lager !!

And this month's winners are:  Jonathan Armstrong and R. Truman, both of the UK.  Well done.  A DVD has been sent to both of them

Next month we will try to make it easier.

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Watch out for next month's Trivia.

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